Pen Chalet Top 5 Fountain Pens

Pen Chalet Top 5 List: Top $25-$50 Fountain Pens for 2019

Pen Chalet Top 5 Pen Lists are collections of various pens and fine writing accessories recognized as a cut above the rest in a particular category and deserving of a “Top 5” listing! Whether you are a beginner or a long-time expert, you’ll find a Pen Chalet Top 5 List that you’ll enjoy. On this list, we will focus on the Top 5 Fountain Pens between $25 and $50.

Top 5 Pen Lists are based on Pen Chalet’s subjective opinions of information and products available at the time the list was created. We consider four factors when choosing products to designate as a Pen Chalet Top 5:

  1. Availability
  2. Cost
  3. Popularity
  4. Personal Preference

Pen Chalet Top 5 Lists may be updated as chosen products become unavailable, new products claim Top 5 spots, Pen Chalet acquires discounted/closeout fountain pens, or popularity increases or decreases. We have not been paid by any manufacturer or distributor to include a certain pen on any Pen Chalet Top 5 List. We will provide a summary explaining each “Top 5” List choice. Be sure to let us know what you think, whether you agree or disagree.

Most of us begin our journey into the world of fountain pens in the $25-$50 price range. (Many excellent fountain pen options fall into the less than $25.00 range, but that is a Pen Chalet Top 5 List for another day). Fountain pen enthusiasts looking in the $25-50 category are budget conscientious, but also expect to get good writing results. The $25-$50 fountain pen category offers the fewest options, but the possibilities do include some good pen choices. Our Top 5 $25-$50 Fountain Pen List is based on the current purchase price at, which may not be the product’s full retail price, and does not include tax, shipping costs or coupon code savings.

Pen Chalet Top 5 Fountain Pens Between $25 – $50

  • Lamy AL-Star:
    Lamy Al-Star fountain pen

    Lamy Al-Star fountain pen

    A fantastic collectors pen for less than $40, the Lamy AL-Star comes in many anodized colors, a variety of nib sizes and both black and silver trim. Various regular edition colors are regularly available. However, many are special edition colors that you will need to pick up before they are gone forever. All Lamy AL-Star fountain pens come with a fantastic German made Lamy Nib.

  • Pelikan Stola III:
    Stola III Fountain Pen

    Stola III Fountain Pen

    Pelikan is one of the best-known fine writing brands on the market today. The Pelikan Stola III is a great beginner fountain pen with a Pelikan Nib, easy to use snap-on case, great value, and high performance for less than $40.

  • Kaweco Sport:
    Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen

    Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen

    Keeping with the German theme, the Kaweco Sport series, which includes the Classic, Ice, Frosted and Skyline Sport lines, is #3 for 2019. This compact, little fountain pen fits easily in a pocket or purse, comes in a wide variety of colors, and has both silver and gold-colored nibs. You can even add a matching colored clip all for a total of approximately $35. Be careful, if you buy one you might find yourself collecting a wide variety of these little favorites.

  • Lamy Vista:
    Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

    Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

    The Lamy Vista fountain pen takes on the shape of the Lamy AL-Star as well as the Lamy Safari, a best selling pen. But the standout factor that led to the Lamy Vista fountain pen claiming the #4 spot on this Pen Chalet Top 5 list is our customers’ love for demonstrator pens! With the Lamy Vista, you can get a German-made, demonstrator fountain pen for less than $30.

  • Platinum Balance:
    Platinum Balance Fountain Pen

    Platinum Balance Fountain Pen

    The only non-German manufactured pen that made the 2019 Top 5 List, the Platinum Balance comes in a variety of color options with gold and silver-colored trim and nibs. In March 2019, Pen Chalet was able to visit the Platinum factory where the Balance fountain pen is made. After meeting the owner and many Platinum employees, the Pen Chalet team came away with a greater appreciation for the group who produces these stand out starter pens. The full retail price is over $50, but the Platinum Balance is currently on the Pen Chalet closeout page for less than $35, since Platinum is discontinuing the pen.

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4 years ago

Now to find a top 5 inks for 2019 ! (: