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Colorverse Life on Mars Ink Review & Giveaway

Colorverse Life on Mars Ink is part of Colorverse Ink Company’s Season 5 series. Known as “The Red Planet” series, it offers several pairs of inks containing two bottles (65 ml. and 15 ml.). The pairs feature complementary colors, a common Colorverse ink “seasons” or ink series setup. Todays’ Pen Chalet ink review features Life on Mars, the 15ml bottle of ink in Colorverse’s Red Planet ink set. Colorverse paired the 15ml Life on Mars ink with Martian Ink in the accompanying 65 ml. bottle.

Colorverse’s Martian ink is vibrant red-orange; much the same as many envision when they imagine Mars. The smaller, yet equally as impressive, Life on Mars ink, is a muted shade of blue-grey. The Life on Mars ink color inspires thoughts of what shades an early evening Martian sky might reflect. Pen Chalet decided Colorverse’s color pairing in this Red Planet series was a success. The two colors compliment each other nicely. Colorverse Life on Mars ink shows up well on paper, even though we consider the blue-grey color relatively muted. It also has some other nice characteristics. We’ll discuss them each in detail below.

Colorverse continues to stimulate our imaginations with thoughts of mankind’s future. The Red Planet series of ink inspires us to contemplate space, the moon-landing event more than 50 years ago, and the next frontier in space travel. Colorverse Life on Mars ink is the 72nd color produced by Colorverse in its ever-increasing ink universe.

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Colorverse Life on Mars Ink Review

Colorverse Life on Mars Ink Review

We found the following traits during our review of Colorverse Life on Mars ink that you may find helpful when picking your next ink color:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper for Pen Chalet’s review of Colorverse Life on Mars ink. The dip pen has a tip that is comparable to a fine-medium fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Colorverse’s unique, interesting bottles are one of the most compelling features of their ink. Colorverse Life on Mars ink comes in the small 15 ml. glass Colorverse bottle, part of a two-bottle set, alongside a 65 ml. bottle of a complementary ink Colorverse named Martian. Each ink bottle has a nub protruding from the bottom like a comet flying through space. Colorverse packages their ink nicely with built-in protective qualities. It even comes with some Colorverse ink “swag” that we think you’ll find interesting and fun.


The Colorverse Life on Mars ink set, which also includes Colorverse Martian ink, retails in the USA for $36.00 but is currently on sale at Pen Chalet for $30.00. The price, combined with the combination of two inks makes this fall into a reasonable mid-range price for fountain pen ink. In fact, all the Colorverse Red Planet ink sets are a reasonable mid-range price ink choice when considering the cost of the set includes two bottles of ink!

Dry Time

During our review of Colorverse Life on Mars ink, we found a dry time of approximately 6-7 seconds. The quick dry time makes Life on Mars an everyday ink option. Please note that different pens, nibs, papers, and writing styles will produce different results.

Bleed Through

During Pen Chalet’s review of Colorverse Life on Mars ink, normal use resulted in no bleeding. However, during our cotton swab test, we did notice a small amount of bleed-through, but only during the most saturated parts of the test.


We found no feathering at all during our review of Colorverse Life on Mars ink during normal use on Rhodia dot pad paper. During the water test we conducted, we did notice a very slight amount of feathering and line distortion.

Water Test

During our review of Colorverse Life on Mars ink, we conducted a water test. During the water test, we run a soaking wet cotton swab over an ink sample after it dries for more than 3 minutes. Our results were better than average for non-waterproof ink. We saw only light color smearing and a slight amount of line distortion and feathering.


Colorverse Life on Mars ink has a nice amount of shading traits, from a dark blue-grey to a light muted grey color. Of course, this all depends on your writing style, nib, and penmanship.

Conclusions about Colorverse Life on Mars ink

Colorverse Life on Mars ink is an unusual muted blue-grey color reminiscent of the horizon at dusk. Life on Mars has a nice quick dry time, shades well and holds up well under a water mishap. Although the price is on the high side, when considering you get two bottles of complementary ink imported directly from Korea, this set falls mid-range on the price spectrum. Although man has not walked on Mars yet (except in the movies) our imagination can get us there using Colorverse Life on Mars ink. Happy writing from Korea and Mars!

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Marcia Straatmeyer

This is a super interesting color, especially how water resistant it is.

Sharon A.

My current favorite ink is Taccia Ebi.

Julio Mazariegos

Any Robert Oster

Andrew Mulnix

Ooo, I really like this color!


Water proof type ink


Wow. What a dope color.

Steven Gordon

As a huge fan of Colorverse (…and David Bowie) this ink
Is right up my alley!


Thanks for showing another great Korean ink. I’ve seen this ink in the store before after you reviewed another Colorverse ink, but didn’t know what it would really look like. The subdued shades that peek through under the blue-grey base color are lovely. I see a general shade of green, and some purples when in contact with water. This gives me reason to believe it would be a really nice murky color for some gloomy isle sketches. I’ve been considering getting a few vial brushes, and with the subtle colors in this ink, I’m sure the results would be gorgeous.… Read more »

Alexander Harrison

Please more colorverse inks! Gluon/ Photon are my favorite (sadly I wish I could get a solo bottle of Gluon, what can you do though). Keep up the great work! 🙂

Stephanie S.

I love love love ink colors in this range (blue/gray/green), so this one is right in my wheelhouse. On the other hand, some gaudy purple inks light me up as well, so I always love it when you review those 🙂

Joe Ringer

Review Monteverde Copper Noir, thanks.

Geoffrey Dunn

A very interesting colour! Almost looks green-grey to me. Might be a fun colour to work with.

DK Goodyk

Thanks for the giveaway. I’m excited for another blue grey ink. I wish there were more similar to Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham.


I like the shading on this ink. Though I see it as more of a greenish ink rather than blue /grey. I might have to see this in person to see the blue /grey.


I like the shading on this ink. Though I see it as more greenish than blue /grey. I might have to see it in person to see the blue/grey colour.

Ged Alangui

A cool blue grey! I haven’t tried any Colorverse ink yet. My current fave is Diamine Ancient Copper.

Geoff M

The color reminds me of the grey skies in Mumbai during the monsoon season. Excellent to pen reminiscing the good ‘ol days….


I haven’t tried Colorverse yet (Robert Oster Inks are my personal fave) but I think I may have to get some of this gorgeous Life on Mars! I really do love muted, subtle ink colours the most and this looks lovely


Time to win 🙂

John Stein

My favorite ink (at the moment) is Monteverde Yosemite Green.

Ron Parish

Someone recently posted a sample of Waterman brown ink I was thankful to see as I’d been wondering about it. Please review some of the older inks from Waterman, Parker and Sheaffer. Thanks.

Michael S. Simon

I’d like to see reviews of Robert Oster inks that help sort out some differences between similar inks.

John Gould Rubin

I love this color. Thanks for offering it.

matthew fitzgerald

Unique color.


I wonder if that’s what alien life will really look like.


I like all of the Colorverse inks I’ve tried, and this color looks terrific! And unfortunately this size doesn’t have samples available.


A current favourite ink is Monteverde Smoke Noir. I love that it’s waterproof too!

Elaine Chak

Would love to see a review of Monteverde Smoke Noir. It’s a recent favourite of mine. Thanks!


What an interesting color! I have to admit I can’t recall ever seeing another ink with it. Great review. Looks like a great ink!


My favorite ink is Diamine Lilac Satin.

Roy c

This a great looking grey blue ink