diamine 2021 inkvent calendar review

Diamine 2021 Inkvent Ink Review: Days 1-7

Are you ready for some Diamine 2021 Inkvent ink reveals and writing samples? We’ve got a summary of Days 1-7 for you in place of this week’s ink review! Get ready for a quick look at the first 7 bespoke inks included in this year’s inkvent calendar as a countdown to Christmas!

What is the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar?

The Diamine Inkvent calendar is an advent calendar. (If you aren’t familiar, most use this fun holiday release as a way to “countdown” to Christmas). The inkvent calendar is a cardboard box with an interior plastic structure that holds 24 exclusive 12ml fountain pen inks (and the 25th bottle of fountain pen ink that is a larger 30ml ink bottle). Each of the 25 inks is behind a small door, so you can open one each day to reveal the day’s ink color. All the inks included in the Diamine Inkvent Calendar are created by Diamine for the calendar. The company releases the inks in the calendar as a limited edition, exclusive release – which means they are only available through the Inkvent Calendar (at least at the moment, but they COULD re-release an ink color down the road if they decided to go that route).

Watch The Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar Unboxing & Review Sneak Peek: Day 1 through Day 7

In the Day 1 through Day 7 unboxing video, you’ll get a peek at how the inkvent calendar works, what the 12ml Diamine inks look like, and which ones are included for Days 1-7 (the entire 1st week’s worth of fountain pen inks)! You’ll also get to see an ink splash or ink swatch, as well as a short writing sample with each of the exclusive Diamine inks included in this year’s holiday calendar/countdown.

The Exclusive Diamine Inkvent Inks: Day 1 through Day 7

The exclusive inks included in the 1st week of this year’s Diamine Inkvent Calendar are:

  • Day 1, Seize the Night
  • Day 2, Garland
  • Day 3, Ash
  • Day 4, Tempest
  • Day 5, Harmony
  • Day 6, Winter Spice
  • Day 7, Candlelight

What Do We Like About the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar Inks?

Generally speaking, we love that the inkvent calendar is full of exclusive inks. You can’t get them outside of the inkvent calendar. It just makes them feel extra special. Another general love is that these inks are Diamine. We consider Diamine inks a safe choice for all our fountain pens, and they’ve earned our trust with an extensive array of high-quality inks offering high-quality performance. The inks themselves – are also highly lovable. We love that Diamine mixes in great shading and sheening inks alongside steady performers. You see such a great variety throughout the month – it’s actually a pretty good introduction to the brand if you happen to be new to Diamine inks.

Products Used In Today’s 2021 Inkvent Ink Review and Reveal:

The 1st Week of Diamine’s 2021 Inkvent Inks:

The 1st week of Diamine’s 2021 Inkvent Calendar was full of fun reveals. We love the care that Diamine puts into naming their inks, and the Inkvent Calendar’s holiday theme makes the names all the more spot on and nostalgic.

The 1st ink, Seize the Night (Standard):

At first glance, this ink may appear pretty standard, but the grey-purple has a significant amount of gold that shows through in use. (It’s strange to describe this color as showing gold because that usually refers to shimmer, but it’s not a gold shimmer. It’s just a gold color). It adds a lot of interest and fun to what may appear to be a basic ink color. The golden elements are not quite brown, and the base purple ink leans in the gray direction but isn’t quite gray. This ink seems to take a classic and give it new life. Typical writing samples appear gray-ish-brown, but upon closer examination, the purple comes through. It has a little bit of shading possibility, but the most interesting thing about this ink is the color. It’s just different.

The 2nd ink, Garland (Shimmer & Sheen):

While Seize the Night’s interesting qualities sneak up on you, Garland doesn’t try to hide the big show at all. This green-blue ink boasts both a blue shimmer and a pinky sheen, and Garland ink is getting the party started. It also has a little more shading potential than you see in Seize the Night.

The 3rd ink, Ash (Standard):

Ash is actually gray. This gray ink has good shading possibilities (depending on what you’re using it for, your penmanship, and your nib, etc.) It’s the 1st ink in the 2021 Inkvent Calendar that presents a solitary color without sheen or shimmer or significant color variations. The shading potential is there, but the varying shades are all definitely gray.

The 4th ink, Tempest (Shimmering):

Tempest blue-black ink brings us back to both sheen and shimmer (as well as a small potential for shading). The blue-black ink base really features the red sheen and golden shimmer beautifully. And the combination of blue-black ink with the definitive shimmer is a gorgeous combination.

The 5th ink, Harmony (Standard):

Harmony ink came to us on the 5th Day of the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar. Diamine’s Harmony ink is a beautiful purple. Similar to the Diamine Ash ink’s presentation of the classic gray on Day 3, Diamine Harmony offers medium shading possibilities, but while most of the various shades you could see with this ink will fall in the purple area of the color wheel – it does veer a little towards a mauvy pink with some tinges of gray lowlighting the varying shades.

The 6th ink, Winter Spice (Shimmer & Sheen):

Winter Spice is a rich brown with some green sheening. At first, this ink color is a surprising addition to the “holiday” ink collection, but with the naming of the ink as winter spice, I can acknowledge that this spicy addition earned its spot amid the other more shiny, shimmery options. The Winter Spice ink shows a lot of variation depending on the amount of ink you are laying down. You can see in the video that the swatch is a definite brown, with a small amount of green/blue showing through, but not a lot. However, in the small “splash” in the corner, the ink appears completely green. So, this ink has a few surprises up its sleeve depending on how you use it. The J. Herbin dip pen we used for the writing sample is similar to a Medium Fine fountain pen nib, but with a broader nib, the green sheen may make an appearance. (Other reviewers have also noted a blue shimmer, but I didn’t see a blue shimmer with the Winter Spice when we worked with the ink).

The 7th ink, Candlelight (Standard):

Candlelight is a warm, welcoming, golden orange/yellow ink. It’s a bright addition to the holiday ink collection that’s been revealed so far. We saw some shading and it lays down a distinct line when writing and dries darker on paper. If you’re in need of a yellow ink that you’ll be able to read once it’s on paper, this could be a good bet. It’s also a pretty happy addition to the holiday collection we’ve seen so far in the Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar.

The Diamine 2021 Inkvent Ink Review: Bespoke Inks Counting Down to Christmas

If you’re in the market for an inkvent calendar of your own, they’re still in stock (as of the posting of this article). But once they’re gone – they’re gone! So, don’t dilly dally. Find your Diamine Inkvent 2021 Calendar at PenChalet.com.

Will There Still Be an Ink Giveaway this Month?

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll have a chance to enter to win any inks this month, never fear. There will be inks and there will be a giveaway! The inks will NOT be the Diamine inks featured in the inkvent calendar writeups, but they will be from some of your favorite ink brands and you will love them! Check out the upcoming giveaways that you can win on the next 15 on the 15th: Giveaway Day with Pen Chalet and enter to win:

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