taccia jeans classic blue ink review

Taccia Jeans Classic Blue Ink Review & Giveaway

Today we have a Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink review prepared for you! You already know we’re a fan of Taccia inks, but this is one of their newer releases, and we haven’t reviewed any inks from their Jeans Collection yet. We’ll see if they impress us as much as Taccia inks have in past reviews.

All About the Ink Maker: Taccia

Taccia is a well known ink maker – you’ve probably heard of their Ukiyo-e ink series or the Ukiyo-e ink series Volume 2. However, to truly get to know Taccia inks, you can’t stop there. Currently, Taccia offers inks in four different collections:
  1. Basic Inks (13 primary colors – Taccia’s 1st release in 2018)
  2. Ukiyo-e Ink Series (8 ink colors with 4 in each of two sub-series: Hokusai (Japanese landscape) and Syaraku (Facial/Character))
  3. Ukiyo-e Ink Series, Volume 2 (recently released in 2021, the 2nd volume also included two sub-series: Horoshige and Usuzumi).
  4. Jeans Collection (7 ink colors representing fashioinable jean or denim colors – this fairly new Taccia ink release, the Jeans Collection is sometimes overlooked).
This week’s ink is from Taccia’s Jeans Ink Collection.

All About This Week’s Ink Series: Taccia Jeans Collection

The Taccia Jeans Collection includes 7 ink colors all inspired by popular shades of fashionable jeans or denim. The Taccia Jeans Series was very limited when it was initially introduced to the market, and we had a hard time keeping it in stock. As is the case with all their inks, the Taccia Jeans Collection inks are pH safe for fountain pens, and made in Japan. The Taccia Jeans Collection ink colors are all colors that might match your favorite pair of jeans:
  • Black Jeans
  • Dark Washed Jeans
  • Grey Jeans
  • Indigo Jeans
  • Light Washed Jeans
  • Navy Jeans
  • Classic Blue Jeans
This week’s featured inks is Classic Blue Jeans ink.

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: Taccia Jeans Collection Classic Blue Ink

Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink is a very good replication of a pair of faded blue jeans. The light, dusty blue is not turquoise at all,but a blue jean color of ink that we found pretty unique and very representative to the original inspiration (and its name). We also found that this dusty blue shows up well enough on paper to be a pretty versatile ink. (But more on that later). ***Looking for the giveaway that usually accompanies our weekly ink reviews? As always, we’ll forgive you if you skip straight to the bottom of this ink review and enter to win. But remember winners are no longer picked weekly! Instead, we will include ALL of the inks featured in our weekly ink reviews as giveaway prizes during our NEW monthly 15 on the 15th: GIVEAWAY DAY with Pen Chalet. Check it out: 15 on the 15th fun (you’re going to love it). Hint: This week’s ink will appear as a giveaway prize during January 2022’s 15 on the 15th! 

It’s Time: Taccia Jeans Classic Blue Ink Review

For this Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink review, we put this dusty blue ink through our standard ink review tests. The ink review results should give you a better idea of how it suits (or doesn’t suit) your writing style and if it’s an ink you might want to add to your current ink collection.
Taccia Jeans Classic Blue Ink review results

Read the actual Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink review results here.

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

As usual, we used a  J. Herbin spiral glass dip pen (with a tip comparable to a medium-fine fountain pen nib) on Rhodia dot pad paper. (Remember as you read this review that different papers or different nib sizes may produce different results!)

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Taccia Use?

Your Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink is packaged in a standard Taccia 40ml glass ink bottle. The shape is similar to a 50ml bottle of the original Sailor Jentle ink with a large, easy to open lid (although it’s not EXACTLY the same as the Jentle ink’s bottle). Each Taccia Jeans Collection ink comes in a well-designed cardboard box that includes descriptive labeling in both Japanese and English.

How Much Do Inks in Taccia’s Jeans Collection Cost?

Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink is a reasonably priced ink for a 40 ml ink bottle. Look for the current sale price at PenChalet.com.

How Did This Week’s Ink Fair in the 1-Dip Test?

We use the 1-dip test to see how far one dip can write on paper (dipping the pen into the ink only once). Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink easily wrote across the paper on all three writing samples with ink to spare. (Using only one dip per writing sample “S” “X” and scribble lines, see the image above).

How Fast Does Classic Blue Jeans Ink Dry?

During our ink review, Classic Blue Jeans fountain pen ink showed a dry time of approximately 5-6 seconds with medium to high saturation, which is just fine for an everyday home-office ink color, but also great for special projects and notes, letters, journaling, etc.

Does This Week’s Fountain Pen Ink Bleed Through?

We saw absolutely no bleeding during normal use on Rhodia dot pad paper. There was also no bleeding during the heavy saturated cotton swab test (even at the wettest points)!

Was There Any Feathering During the Taccia Classic Blue Jeans Ink Review?

We saw no feathering during normal use, and no additional feathering during the water test.

How Does the Ink Stand Up to Water?

Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink is not meant to be waterproof, but they got pretty close anyway. We found this out during our standard water test. We put all our inks through a water test to see how well (or not) they withstand exposure to water. For the water test we let our ink sample dry for about 3 minutes before we run a wet cotton swab over the sample to observe the effect. Here are the results we saw during our Taccia Classic Blue Jeans ink review:
  • very light color smearing
  • lines very legible; almost no distortion at all
  • almost zero additional feathering
  • held up very well to the water test

Does Taccia Jeans Classic Blue Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink showed lots of shading traits (with the right nib, of course). The shading you see always depends on your nib choice along with your penmanship and general writing style.

Final Conclusion on Taccia Jeans Classic Blue Ink:

Today’s featured ink, Taccia Jeans Classic Blue ink, is a reasonably priced, awesome “blue jean” color from a well-regarded Japanese pen company. The Taccia Jeans Collection inks are well packaged with a functional 40ml bottle (a great size ink bottle and a reasonable amount of ink). The Jeans Collectioin includes 7 different ink colors, all colors you might see in the jeans section of your closet. Taccia inks are high performance inks designed for use with fountain pens. Happy writing from Japan!

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