3 Oysters Jade Ink Review

3 Oysters Jade Ink Review & Giveaway

Have you been introduced to 3 Oysters Jade ink? If not, then it’s about time it happened. Luckily, it’s that time of week again. Time to read the weekly fountain pen ink review and meet another gorgeous ink that you might want to think about adding to your fountain pen ink arsenal if you haven’t already. Does this week’s ink have the different traits and characteristics that suit your style, your tastes, your projects, and, basically…your fountain pen world? Read the full Ink review to find out.

All About the Ink Maker: 3 Oysters

3 Oysters is a Korean based ink company offering three distinct, unique ink series: 

3 Oysters Delicious Ink Series: Motivated by Korean food and fashion

3 Oysters I.Color.U Ink Series: Inspired by the colors of the Korean capital city of Seoul

3 Oysters Hun Min Jeon Eum (HMJE Ink Series: Colors of the orient and Korea

This week’s ink is from the 3 Oysters Hun Min Jeon Eum (HMJE) Ink Series. 

All About The Ink Series: Hun Min Jeon Eum (HMJE) Series

This week’s ink review features an ink from 3 Oysters Hun Min Jeon Eum (HMJE) Ink Series. Hun Min Jeong Eum is the original name of an ancient Korean script called “Han-gle” published in 1446. The HMJE ink series features colors of the orient and Korea, each with a separate meaning: 

Black – Teach

Cobalt = People

Scarlet = Sound

Jade = Correct

Pen Chalet is excited to offer a wide selection of 3 Oysters inks, particularly since only a few American retailers carry this fountain pen ink brand. Check out the current inventory of 3 Oysters fountain pen ink at PenChalet.com. 

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: 3 Oysters Jade Ink

3 Oysters HMJE Jade ink is a pH neutral, water-based ink that is safe for most fountain pens. The bright, vibrant green ink color has some darker and lighter traits (depending on your penmanship). In addition to being a vivid color addition, this green ink shows up well on paper. 

*** Ready for all the little details from this week’s ink review? We suggest you read the full review to get the full picture, but you can skip to the bottom just to enter to win if you’re just not up for it today. But if you do, make sure to make a note to come back and read the full review when you have more time (or more patience).

It’s Time: 3 Oysters HMJE Jade Ink Review

This week we put 3 Oysters’ Jade fountain pen ink through our standard ink review tests. Get ready to hear all the details!

3 oysters jade ink review

Read the full 3 Oysters HMJE Series Jade ink review.

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

This week we used a French-made J. Herbin spiral glass dip pen (with a tip comparable to a medium-fine fountain pen nib) on Rhodia dot pad paper. As always, we want to remind you that different papers or different nib sizes may produce different results!

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does 3 Oysters Use?

3 Oysters HMJE ink series comes in a smaller 18 ml. heavy weighted glass bottle. The company’s Delicious ink series and I.Color.U ink series inks come in their larger 38 ml. glass ink bottle. We thought their packaging and presentation was excellent. The label was simple, with information printed in Korean and the ink color highlighted outside the box. 

How Much Do 3 Oysters HMJE Fountain Pen Inks Cost?

The 3 Oysters HMJE fountain pen inks are reasonably priced, especially for ink from such a unique and exciting Korean-based company. Check for the latest discounted price at PenChalet.com.

How Did This Week’s Ink Fair in the 1-Dip Test?

We use the 1-dip test to see how far the ink can write on paper with “1 dip.” We conducted the 1-dip test using a J. Herbin spiral glass dip pen, Rhodia dot pad paper, and this week’s featured ink, 3 Oysters Jade. We dipped the pen in ink once for each writing sample shown above (“S,” “X,” and scribble lines), and you can see it wrote across the page very easily on all three writing samples with ink to spare. 

How Fast Does the 3 Oysters Jade Ink Dry?

3 Oysters Jade fountain pen ink had a dry time of about 7-8 seconds with medium saturation, which is very reasonable. 

Does This Week’s Fountain Pen Ink Bleed Through?

We saw no bleeding during normal use of this week’s ink. Additionally, we saw no bleeding during the heavy saturated cotton swab test

Was There Any Feathering While Using 3 Oysters Jade Ink?

We saw no feathering during normal use and some slight additional feathering during the water test. 

How Does the Ink Stand Up to Water?

For the water test, we let an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes before running a wet cotton swab over the sample. This week’s ink isn’t waterproof, and when we ran the test, we saw light color smearing, but the lines remained legible despite some slight distortion and fading. 

Does 3 Oysters Jade Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

This week’s ink had some possible shading if using a nib that allows ink flow variation (like a stub or italic nib). We saw a dark forest green color at the wettest points to a wonderfully bright, vibrant green. 

Final Conclusion on 3 Oysters Hun Min Jeon Eum Jade Ink:

This week’s ink has a nice price point at just $10.00. We enjoyed the nice range of green colors (through shading). A South Korean ink company makes the HMJE inks, and inks are sold in smaller, 18 ml. heavy-weighted display quality ink bottles. This high-performance ink is safe for fountain pens, has a reasonable dry time, and can be used as an everyday ink color. Happy writing from South Korea! 

Enter to Win 3 Oysters Hun Min Jeon Eum Jade Ink:

Enter to win the actual bottle of 3 Oysters Hun Min Jeon Eum Jade ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink review:

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Geoffrey Dunn
2 years ago

Looks like a terrific shade of green! I prefer darker inks so this is a green I’d love to try out.

2 years ago

Never tried 3 Oysters ink, but this color looks and performs great!

2 years ago

It’s interesting how deep the color appears in drips yet so much lighter on paper. This would definitely find a place in a broad nibed pen!

Conor Cook
2 years ago

For a next review, I’d love to see an ink for users whose fountain pen use is more like a trusty ballpoint pen – that is, who pull a pen out for brief notes, sign things, and otherwise need a quick dry, easy-flow ink without too much fuss. Not that fuss is bad in the right place!

Cheryl S Gebhart
2 years ago

One of my favorite inks is Colorverse Supernova.

2 years ago

Looks like a lovely rich shade of Hulk!

2 years ago

Nice review! Have been interested in green inks and love that this comes in a smaller size and reasonable price. It is a seems there’s an issue with the giveaway script, though.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dorian
C Okolie
2 years ago

What can I say? I love green inks.

Aaron McVicker
2 years ago

Great giveaway!

2 years ago

It looks so pretty. Could the next review be the diamine marine?

2 years ago

I love jade and have been wearing a jade pendant on my neck for years. I am intrigued by the name plus I don’t have any 3 Oysters so would love to try it.

2 years ago

love the packaging of this ink and the beautiful green hue!

2 years ago

Love this ink. Green is my favorite color!