Wearingeul Purpose of Life Ink Review & Giveaway

Today’s Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink review features a Pen Chalet Exclusive! The 1st ever Wearingeul exclusive ink, and we’re very pleased with how this fountain pen ink turned out. Wearingeul is a fairly new ink company and a new brand here at Pen Chalet (we just introduced them earlier in 2022), but their inks almost immediately exploded in popularity and have made a huge splash in the pen and ink community.

All About the Ink Maker: Wearingeul

We added Wearingeul to inventory in early 2022 and saw immediate interest from our customers. Everyone seems to love the Korean ink company known for its unique ink colors based on famous works of literature, masterpieces, fairy tales, and legends.

This week’s featured ink is Wearingeul Exclusive Rilke Purpose of Life ink, one of their latest ink releases and the 1st ever Pen Chalet exclusive Wearingeul ink!

All About This Week’s Feature: Wearingeul Purpose of Life Ink

This week we’ll be checking out the Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink. Wearingeul ink company and Pen Chalet teamed up to introduce a Pen Chalet exclusive ink based on a famous quote by Austrian Poet and Novelist from the 19th Century, Rainer Maria Rilke, “The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things. The exclusive ink’s light purple-grey color has a blue and green shimmer, which changes with the light. Quite unique and interesting, Purpose of Life ink shows up well on paper with the blue-green glitter enhancing the light purple color. Watch as the ink dries and you can see the “purpose” behind the original light purple color “defeated” by “greater and greater” color enhancements as the ink dries, and as the ink is exposed to different light.

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It’s Time: Wearingeul Purpose of Life Ink Review

For this Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink review, we put the new ink to the test to see how it performed with some of our standard ink testing materials and paper products. Read on for all the details (which we think you’re not going to want to miss – we actually had to postpone the writing of this review when our entire first batch of Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink sold out before we could even get all the ink review test results documented.

Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink review featuring the 1st ever Wearingeul Exclusive ink.

Read the full Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink review test results here.

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

As usual, we used a French-made J. Herbin spiral glass dip pen (with a tip comparable to a medium-fine fountain pen nib) on Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. As always, we want to remind you that different papers or different nib sizes may produce different results!

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Wearingeul Use?

Wearingeul Rilke Purpose of Life ink comes in the brand’s standard heavy-weighted square 30ml glass ink bottle with a medium-sized ribbed lid (for easy opening). We’d consider the Wearingeul 30ml ink bottle a display-quality bottle.

How Much Do Wearingeul Exclusive Inks Cost?

Wearingeul 30ml Rilke Purpose of Life ink is a mid-range priced ink. We consider the Wearingeul inks a fairly good value for a unique ink imported from Korea. Look for the best prices at PenChalet.com.

How Did Purpose of Life Ink Perform in the 1-Dip Test?

We applied our standard one dip test to see how far Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink would write on paper (dipping the dip pen in ink only on time). Purpose of Life easily wrote across the paper on all three writing samples (one dip per writing sample, S, X, and scribble lines). The ink’s shimmer carried through the entire line of ink, although it was heavier toward the beginning.

What was the Dry Time During the Purpose of Life Ink Review?

During our review, Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink showed a dry time of approximately 4-5 seconds with medium saturation, which is very fast for a shimmering ink.

Did Purpose of Life Show Any Bleed Through During the Ink Review?

We saw zero bleeding during normal use, and we only saw some very slight bleeding during the Cotton Swab Test (at the wettest points).

Was There Any Feathering with Purpose of Life Ink?

We saw no feathering during normal use and only slight feathering during the water test (at the most saturated point).

How Does Purpose of Life Stand Up to Water?

Wearingeul’s Purpose of Life is not waterproof, but we tested it anyway. We always test the inks each week even if they aren’t supposed to be able to withstand exposure to water, so we have an idea of how they’d react. For the water test, we let our ink sample dry for about 3 minutes before we run a wet cotton swab over the sample to observe the effect. Here’s what we saw when we subjected Beneath the Wheel to our standard water test:

  • almost zero color smearing
  • very slight glitter smear (almost imperceptible)
  • lines completely legible; no distortion at all
  • zero additional feathering

So, all in all, Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink held up so well that we’d say it’s very close to being a waterproof ink.

Does this Week’s Ink Show Good Shading and Shimmer Traits?

The Wearingeul Rilke Purpose of Life ink has some very nice shading possibilities depending on the pen, nib, and penmanship used. You’ll also enjoy amazing color changes with proper shimmer application.

Final Conclusion on Wearingeul Purpose of Life Ink:

Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink is a mid-range priced ink in a very beautiful unique light purple-grey color with a stunning blue or green shimmer (depending on the lighting). This week’s featured ink comes from a new, fun, and interesting Korean ink company. Wearingeul’s packaging is professional and their ink bottle is a nice, heavy-weighted bottle. The brand’s inks come with super interesting stories to coincide with each collection/ink release. The Wearingeul Purpose of Life ink had a great dry time for a shimmer ink making it a great choice for an everyday ink and after doing some tests we’ve decided it almost qualifies as waterproof. As with any high saturation, shimmering or sheening ink, we recommend that you periodically clean your pen using a pen cleaning solution like Pen Chalet Pen Flush to avoid unwanted clogging of the converter, feed, or nib. Wearingeul’s Purpose of Life ink is inspired by one of Rilke’s most famous quotes, and is an exclusive ink only available at PenChalet.com. Happy writing from Korea and Pen Chalet!

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9 months ago

Wow, the shimmer on this ink is gorgeous! I wish the ink were that color. 🙁 I’ll have to check out some of their non-shimmer inks.