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Platinum Pens Available now at Pen Chalet

Pen Chalet would like to announce that we are now pleased to be carrying Platinum Pens and Inks.  Platinum Pen Company was established in 1919, almost 100 years ago.  During the last 95 year, Platinum Pens has established itself as one of the premier pen companies in not only Japan, but the world.  Platinum produces beautiful pens, using fine materials with amazing free flowing Japanese nibs.  Platinum Pen Company has also been innovative in making improvements to its fine writing instruments such as introducing the “Slip & Seal” mechanism, (patent pending) which prevents ink from drying out.

Platinum’s flagship pen today is the Platinum #3776, which comes in many colors and materials.  The #3776’s name references the height of Mount Fuji (in meters), is the highest peak in Japan.  Mt. Fuji is an iconic symbol in Japan signifying beauty, simplicity and majesty.  The Platinum #3776 pen embodies these traits, with a simple yet beautiful classic timeless design that sold over 150,000 pens in its first 6 months of availability in 1978.

Platinum pens come in a variety of styles, price points and materials.  No matter what Platinum pen you purchase you know that you are getting a high quality pen for an affordable price.  The entry level Preppy and Plaisir lines come in a variety of fun colors.  The higher end pens such as the Platinum Balance, Celluloid, Izumo Makie, President and #3776 Century series are made with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Pen Chalet is spotlighting the following Platinum Pens during the month of August and is offering a coupon to purchase one of the following Platinum pen products today for 15% off.  (Enter PLAT15 for your discount at checkout at Pen Chalet).

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