New Sailor Jentle ink

New Sailor Jentle Ink Colors vs the Old – Ink Review

Recently Sailor discontinued some of the colors within their Jentle ink line. Sailor Jentle inks have been very popular and the feedback from our customers was panic and worry about how they will replace the inks they love so much. The following month Sailor released new Sailor Jentle ink colors with a broader range of colors than what was available with the old line but dropped a couple of the less popular ones. The new Sailor Jentle ink colors looked so close that we decided to do a little test to see just how close they really are. The good news is if you loved the old Sailor Jentle ink colors the new colors match really close.

Not all the inks will cross over such as Peche or Apricot that were dropped but the more popular colors match really close. If you are looking for the discontinued Sailor Jentle Ink here is a cross reference with their corresponding new colors so you know which ink to buy.

  • Sailor Jentle Ink Ultra Marine –> Nioi Sumire
  • Sailor Jentle Ink Sky High –>Souten
  • Sailor Jentle Ink Grenade –>Oku Yama
  • Sailor Jentle Ink Epinard –>Tokiwa Matsu
New Sailor Jentle Ink Colors vs Old

New Sailor Jentle Ink Colors vs Old

If you are a lover of Sailor Jentle inks and have been worried how to replace your favorite inks hopefully we have calmed your troubled heart and you can now sleep a little better knowing Sailor now has some matching colors available. We hope this ink review of the old vs the new Sailor Jentel inks help. Each of the new colors are in stock and ready for purchase at Pen Chalet!

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Amy J
8 years ago

This is an incredibly handy ink review, thank you! I haven’t had a chance to experiment with Sailor inks, and was worried I was missing out when Sailor announced they were discontinuing a line of ink.