pen chalet pen world magazine feature nahvalur decade in the desert fountain pen collection

Pen Chalet Pen World Magazine Feature: A Decade in the Desert 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Did you see the Pen Chalet Pen World magazine feature? Some of you have already seen it, but if you haven’t, make sure to check out the latest edition of Pen World magazine to read all about Pen Chalet’s 10-year anniversary celebration, a Decade in the Desert! 2023 is a BIG year for us…we’re ten years old!

Pen Chalet Pen World Magazine Feature: Sneak Peek

Get a sneak peek at the article below – then go get your hands on the actual article from Pen World Magazine!

Pen Chalet Pen World feature page 1
Here’s a sneak peek at the beginning of the Pen Chalet feature in the latest Pen World magazine.

In the Pen World feature you’ll find out more about where we came from and where we are, what we do and why we do it. But we don’t want to steal the joy you’ll get from reading the actual article, so we’ll just tell you a few things we loved about it:

  1. The philosophy presenting “disruption” as a good thing.
  2. The comparison of the beginnings of ecommerce a decade back to the Wild West (who doesn’t love a good Wild West reference)
  3. The highlights of our Decade in the Desert exclusive product partnerships (more to come on that)
  4. Ron’s quote calling Pen Chalet’s social media marketing strategy as our “secret sauce.” (We will never reveal the secret recipe – it’s like Mama’s Pound Cake – I can’t give you the recipe, but you should definitely come on over and have some!)
  5. Equating the recipe to success to the Golden Rule (yes, please, let’s all live by the Golden Rule. I’m on board).

All the Celebrations: Exclusive Products & New Stickers, Sales, and GIVEAWAYS!

pen chalet pen world magazine feature for the 10th anniversary
Magna Carta Decade in the Desert Collection, the Sapphire Grand pen model in Superstition Brown, and Desert Oasis (Pen Chalet exclusives).

You’re probably wondering how we celebrate BIG days here at Pen Chalet. We love exclusive products, sales, giveaways, and stickers. We can’t not have stickers. So we did all of the above to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. You probably already joined in all the fun. If you missed it or you didn’t join in and you’ve since changed your mind and feel left out, don’t worry. You can still get your hands on some of the amazing exclusive product releases we put together with a handful of different manufacturers. The exclusive Magna Carta Decade in the Desert fountain pens (seen above) are sold out, but here are a few you can still get your hands on:

pen chalet pen world magazine feature
Exclusive Dominant Industry Decade in the Desert Inks: Arizona Sky Citrus and Arizona Sky Crimson.

Dominant Industry Decade in the Desert 25ml inks: choose from Arizona Sky Citrus or Arizona Sky Crimson

Dee Charles Decade in the Desert Single Pen Sleeve in Desert Eclipse

Pen Chalet Decade in the Desert Tshirts (in new colors: Black Bear, Blue Quail, Desert Oasis, High Noon, and Phoenix Red)

pen chalet pen world magazine feature van dieman's decade in the desert ink collection.
Van Dieman’s Decade in the Desert ink collection.

Van Dieman’s Ink Exclusive Decade in the Desert 30ml inks (the artwork Van Dieman’s created for this collection is so stunning and we loved it so much that there may or may not be a large printed version on canvas now hanging in Ron’s office (THERE IS). The fountain inks themselves are just as amazing (we’re sold out of a couple, but there are still 3 left!)

Robert Oster’s Decade in the Desert Arizona Copper Ink is SOLD OUT! (Sorry you missed that one, but you can check out our OTHER Exclusive Robert Oster inks – they’re all amazing).

Sepia Decade in the Desert Saguaro Cactus Page Holder

pen chalet pen world magazine feature sepia saguaro cactus page holder
Exclusive Sepia Saguaro Cactus page holder.

Nahvalur Decade in the Desert Collection (Sedona Sands is SOLD OUT, but you can still get your hands on Cactus Skies!)

pen chalet pen world magazine feature nahvalur cactus skies fountain pen
Nahvalur Cactus Skies fountain pens.

Thank You! Pen People Are Our Favorite!

To all of you pen people out there – thank you! We love that we’ve been able to spend the last ten years getting to know you. Hopefully, we’ll continue growing and learning and enjoying the joys of the pen community together for decades to come. Come see us anytime – on your favorite social media platform (always look for us under @PenChalet) or online at

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2 months ago

Congratulations! Well deserved. I’m looking forward to read more and to see the new Magna Carta Desert Collection. When are you going to have them?
Issa Gaytan