Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Fountain Pen

Introducing the Limited Edition Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Fountain Pen

Pelikan Pen Company produces some of the most sought after pens in the pen community today. The Pelikan Souveran series of fountain pens are recognized immediately throughout the world and are considered one of the finest fountain pens in the market. The newly announced Pelikan M605 Souveran White Transparent collection is just one example. Periodically however, Pelikan will produce a special fountain pen that defies expectation and becomes more of a work of art than a writing instrument. These special fountain pens are usually very unique, extremely rare, beautiful limited edition pens that are truly a conversation piece.

Pelikan’s 2017 pen of this caliber is the Limited Edition Maki-e Dragonfly pen, limited to only 111 pieces worldwide. Due to the very limited quantities and retail price the new Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly pen we are only offering the pen as a pre-order.

About the Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Pen

Dragonflys are a symbolic creature in Japanese mythology as good luck symbols representing both perseverance and endurance. The traditional Samurai warriors many times used the dragonfly as an ornamental decoration on their equipment and dress.

Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Fountain Pen Closeup

Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Fountain Pen Closeup

Each Pelikan LE Maki-e Dragonfly pen has been made in Germany, but painted in Japan. The Japanese Maki-e painting technique is a very old artistic tradition that is as painstakingly time-consuming as it is beautiful.

Each Pelikan LE Maki-e Dragonfly pen has five dragonflies depicted on the pen’s barrel. The dragonfly images are actually made using different Japanese maki-e techniques such as: Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e, Raden, Kawari-nuri and Byakutan-nuri. Each pen, which retails for $5,400.00, has gold trim, comes with an 18 carat two toned gold medium Pelikan nib. The Pelikan logo can be found on the crown of the pen and each limited edition pen has been numbered, 1 through 111 with it’s unique number hand drawn on the pen and signed by the artist. Finally each pen comes in a traditional paulownia wood Japanese pen box.

If you are interested in purchasing Pelikan’s 2017 Maki-e Dragonfly fountain pen, please contact us or pre-order on the Pelikan LE Maki-e Dragonfly fountain pen product page to  yours today. Remember with only 111 pens made worldwide the Makie- Dragonfly pen will only be available for a short time.