Monteverde Pen Company

Introducing The New Monteverde Ink and Gemstone Ink Collections

Monteverde Pen Company has recently reinvented their entire fountain pen ink collection.

Monteverde ink has always been widely recognized as wonderful fountain pen ink, utilizing its trademarked ITF technology (ink treatment formula), which improves ink flow, lubricates the fountain pen feeding system, improves ink dry time and allows for extended cap-off time while using your fountain pen. Monteverde has always had a nice selection of standard colors to choose from such as black, blue, blue-black to purple, red, green turquoise, pink and burgundy and even a few non-traditional colors such as fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow. Monteverde fountain pen inks came in a standard large sized 90 ml. glass bottle or in two sizes of international cartridges (regular and magnum) all at reasonable prices.

However, Monteverde has decided to throw caution to the wind and has released an entire new collection of ink and ink options. Starting with 23 new colors (some of which are an old color resurrected into a new name), such as Malibu Blue, Capri Blue, California Teal; Mandarin Orange, Purple Mist, Yosemite Green and Canyon Rust, along with a new 12 pack of international sized cartridges, in all 23 new colors.

Monteverde Ink 30ML Bottles

Monteverde Ink 30ML Bottles

Monteverde did not stop there… They have introduced each of these 23 new colors in not only their standard 90 ml. glass bottle, but also in a new smaller 30 ml. glass bottle, which retails for $8.00, allowing for an inexpensive “trial” of one of these new fountain pen ink colors.

Monteverde continues their ink revolutions by also introducing two permanent or “document” inks in blue and black, which allows for those who need a permanent ink for use in their business, work or other purposes.

Lastly, the Monteverde ink revolution, which they have coined “World of Colors,” has introduced more new ink colors consisting of another 10 new ink colors known as the Monteverde Gemstone Ink Collection. The Gemstone Ink collection comes in all the same options as the regular 23 colors; i.e. 30 ml. ink bottle, 90 ml. ink bottle and new 12 pack ink cartridges.

The New Monteverde Gemstone ink collection uses gemstones for its inspiration of the following 10 new ink colors: Sapphire, Olivine, Topaz, Moonstone, Ruby, Charoite, Garnet, Fireopal, Erinite and Amethyst, all of which contains Monteverdes ITF technology. The new Monteverde Gemstone ink Collection retails for the same price as the regular collection, which is already a great value.

Also, if you have not heard, Monteverde has introduced a new Fountain Pen Flush to go with their new ink collection, allowing users to quickly and safely switch out ink colors and clean their fountain pens.

Pen Chalet is proud to carry all 33 new colors of Monteverde ink in their new World of Colors in all sizes and ink options. The price is right, the colors unique and intriguing, we bet it will be impossible to choose only one…. or five. Pick up a bunch of these new wonderful colors as well as the new Monteverde fountain pen flush today at Pen Chalet

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Mark Junk
6 years ago

I really like this shade. Thanks for the review.