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Visconti Blue Ink Review

Visconti Blue Ink is a wonderful vibrant true blue ink color. Although Visconti, an Italian pen company, only produces a limited number of ink colors, the inks they produce are top notch colors and do not vary or any deviate from the true color they represent. The Visconti Blue ink is no exception.

Visconti Blue ink is just a wonderful shade of true blue, vibrant and bright without any tinge of black or green or other variation to blues on the market today. If you are a blue ink lover, you will not be disappointed. Visconti Blue ink can be used as an everyday office type ink as wells as a beautiful color for journal or note and letter writing.

Visconti Blue Ink

Visconti Blue Ink

We found the following traits while reviewing Visconti Blue ink that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

We used Rhodia Block N. 18 paper for this review with a J. Herbin glass dip pen, which has a comparable tip that is the size of a fine nib.

Bottle Sizes

Visconti Blue ink comes in a smaller 40 ml. plastic ink bottle. The actual shape of the bottle is very unique and distinguishable, unfortunately the bottle is plastic. This does help keep the cost down and the unique pedestal shape makes up for the plastic material used to make it.


Visconti blue ink, an Italian imported ink, retails for a modest $17.50 for the 40 ml. bottle. Not a “cheap” ink, but also not on the high end, which we place Pelikan Edelstein or Pilot Iroshizuku inks.

Dry Time

The dry time we experienced, with the J. Herbin Dip pen on Rhodia paper was approximately 3-5 seconds, which is very reasonable and acceptable for use as an everyday ink.

Bleed Through

Under normal use with the Rhodia paper and glass dip pen and fine width tip we experienced no ink bleeding. However, under the water test the wet cotton swab allowed the ink to soak through at its wettest point.


We experienced no feathering while using Visconti Blue Ink. All lines were clear and distinct. However, during the water test there was some feathering.

Water Test

During our water test, where we ran a soaking wet cotton swab over an ink sample, we experienced quite a bit of color smearing and smudging, and some feathering and slight bleeding at its wettest part. Visconti blue ink is not water proof.


We did not notice a lot of shading with this ink. Being a true shade of blue, the color is pretty consistent. However using a stub nib you may experience some slight shading.

Conclusion about the Visconti Blue Ink

As this is just one of but a few Visconti ink colors it’s a must have, not only for it being a tremendous blue color without any deviation or variation to the true color of blue, but for its quick dry time and everyday use capabilities. Although not “cheap” the price is reasonable for an imported ink by this respected pen company. The bottle, although plastic is very functional allowing you to obtain those last few drops of ink. As far as true blue inks are concerned, Visconti Blue is a must have.