The New Franklin Christoph Model 31 Omnis Fountain Pen

Pen Chalet working with Franklin Christoph is proud to introduce a new and exclusive to Pen Chalet, the Franklin Christoph Model 31 Omnis Black and Bronze Fountain Pen.

Franklin Christoph Pen Company, whose origins date back over 91 years, has been producing American manufactured goods for decades. The Franklin direct familial line is one that dates back to one of America’s founding father’s Benjamin Franklin and his extended family.

Franklin Christoph, which as the distinctive old English “F” as its trademark, produces wonderfully unique made in the USA writing instruments made of hard, long lasting light weight acrylic materials.

Pen Chalet, working with Franklin Christoph, previously produced their popular Model 02 in bronze acrylic, which is sold exclusively at Pen Chalet and has been extremely successful.

The new Franklin Christoph Model 31 Omnis collection, is a conglomeration of many popular Franklin Christoph models combined into one new pen. Franklin Christoph has indicated that the new Model 31 Omnis is a pen that contains “some from all into one”.

Franklin Christoph Model 31 Omnis Fountain Pen

The Model 31 has features such as the grip from the Model 40 Panther, a similar silhouette to the Model 19, posting characteristics like Models 20, 45 and 03 and cut grooves in the barrel and a recessed nib like the Model 20. Lastly, the IPO pen, which Franklin Christoph produced in 2001, has IPO engraved on the back of the cap, the new Model 31 has “Franklin Christoph 31” engraved on the back of the cap.

Pen Chalet’s exclusive color combination of the Franklin Christoph 31 is a black acrylic barrel with 3 groves and tapered end and a black acrylic cap section. The “Franklin Christoph 31” has been engraved at the base of the cap and the finial also engraved with an old English “F”. The grip section is made out of the semi opaque bronze acrylic. Although some have called the bronze color “smoke” in both Pen Chalet’s exclusive Model 02 and Model 31 pens, Franklin Christoph has named this unique color “bronze” to distinguish it from a swirly opaque acrylic they call “smoke” used in other models.

The new exclusive Franklin Christoph Model 31 Omnis Black-Bronze fountain pen retails for $165.00 and contains a cartridge converter fill system, but also can be converted to be filled with an eye dropper system. Pen Chalet is offering the new Franklin Christoph Model 31 in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, a 1.1 stub nib and Music Nib. This is a fabulous American made pen that Pen Chalet is very excited to introduce. Unfortunately our quantities are limited, so order your new exclusive Franklin Christoph Model 31 Fountain pen today at Pen Chalet!