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Welcome Back The Montegrappa Cigar Pen!

20 years after Montegrappa released the first Cigar edition, they have again welcomed another new limited edition. Cigars have been the symbol of status and style for many years, and have made their way into the highest social circles and clubs. From the swankiest ballroom, to the most sophisticated club, cigars have been a free pass for entry.

Montegrappa Cigar Pen with Cigars

Montegrappa Cigar Pen

This new Montegrappa Cigar pen, is made from the exceptional “Tobacco” celluloid. This is one of the twenty-four individual hues that Montegrappa has in its vaults. The pen was made to resemble the organic tobacco leaves, and it succeeds to the point of astonishment. With its combinations of light browns, with even lighter, pearlized streaks, it’s easy to confuse the Montegrappa Cigar pen with your secret guilty pleasure.

Coming without a pocket clip, the Montegrappa Cigar pen delivers an uninterrupted, almost perfect form of a real cigar. It is embellished with a “cigar-band” made of precious metal. The size is precisely that of a classic cigar model called a “Laguito n.2”. A little longer than your typical pen, this pen measure out to be close to 6 inches in length. Of course, with its width coming in at just over a half of an inch, it continues its perfect replication.

Montegrappa Cigar Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Cigar Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Cigar Fountain Pen Case

Montegrappa Cigar Fountain Pen Case

Montegrappa’s Cigar Pen comes with Sterling Silver or 18k Gold trim, your choice, and is only offered as a fountain pen or rollerball. If you choose to style your collection with the fountain pen, it comes with an 18k Gold nib that has been styled with the thrilling Montegrappa filigree pattern. As per usual, all production of these pens is limited to the traditional Montegrappa numbers. That means 888 Silver Montegrappa Cigar fountain pens with 18k Gold, 888 Silver rollerball pens, and 88 with 18k Gold. With these limited numbers, you’ll need to buy yours right away. The next time you’re at a high-class party, or club, remember; You could have the Montegrappa Cigar Pen to pave the way. Happy Writing!

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