kaweco brass sport review

Kaweco Brass Sport Review: Fountain Pen News

We recently got the Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen into the hands of a guest reviewer so we could provide you with a bit of a closer look at this staple that somehow encapsulates the history of the industry, exceeds the expectations of many seasoned fountain pen writers, is the pen of choice for a significant chunk of newbies looking for a “fun” way to bring the fountain pen home, and keeps it classy…all at the same time.

Meet the Guest Reviewer: Dr. Deniz Bagdas (aka @science.notes or Deniz)

Dr. Deniz Bagdas (you may know her as @science.notes on social media) is into science, art, and journaling (specifically bullet journaling (or BUJO) and neuro science). She runs her social media accounts along with her daughter, Alya (also a great fan of all things science).

Today’s Featured Fountain Pen: Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen

kaweco brass sport review

The Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen capped. // Photo Credit: @science.notes

Deniz took a thorough look at the Kaweco Brass Sport fountain recently. The Kaweco Brass Sport is turned from first class brass. At about 44 grams, it is Kaweco’s heaviest pen. The same design as Kaweco’s other Sport fountain pens, the Kaweco Brass Sport has the short barrel and oversize cap making it a compact, pocket sized fountain pen when closed, but extending the length to a fairly standard pen size when the cap is posted. Each Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen is fitted with a stainless steel nib with an iridium tip. NOTE: The Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen used in this review was an EF nib. 

The Kaweco Brass Sport Review: The Results

kaweco brass sport review

Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen uncapped and posted. // Photo Credit: @science.notes

Ready for the result of the Kaweco Brass Sport review? Here’s a few of the thoughts the Deniz shared after using the pen:
  1. The thinness and smoothness of the EF nib was exactly what the reviewer looks for.
  2. The pen is “overall gorgeous.”
  3. The brass becomes more beautiful as it is used. Our reviewer noticed in the time she wrote with it for the review that as the pen was handled, the color started to change to a slightly darker shade.

The Only Downside: All the Brass

If you are a brass lover, Deniz says this pen is for you. However, like almost any brass product, you’ll find a bit of a brass smell that’s not so pleasant (but hard to avoid since brass has a certain smell). After sharing her thoughts, one of Deniz’s followers offered up some very useful advice (especially considering that Deniz IS a brass lover). They suggested using metal soap (available at most home supply stores) after using a brass pen. You’ll have to let us know if you’ve found this to be effective, too. We hadn’t heard of it before!

Additional Thoughts and Comments:

“Kaweco EF nibs are so smooth. 🔥 Writing on kraft paper with an EF nib is normally hard. However, this pen wrote beautifully 😍” -@science.notes ” Ooooh how beautiful 😍😍😍 brass always looks amazing 🙌” -dojo_scrap “Beautiful pen!! I’m such a fan of heavy pens as well!!💛” -soulwhisperjournaling “Yes! They are easier to write with and feel more comfortable! 🤎” -@science.notes “I have this pen and love it with the medium nib. So smooth.” -tommylane
“I have other Kaweco Sport pens with EF, B, and BB nibs. All of them write smoothly. Therefore, I trust Kaweco nibs.” -@science.notes

Conclusions on the Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen:

When we first approached Deniz about reviewing the Kaweco Brass Sport, she was pretty enthusiastic. It went a little something like this, “Omg! Yes, yes, and yes!!! Kaweco is already a brand that we always trust and I am a huge fan of heavy pens. I am so excited for reviewing this pen!” After using the pen, Deniz said, “We recently received the Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen with an EF nib, and our time with it has been awesome! What we enjoyed the most with this pen is the smooth writing experience it gives. It is hard to find EF nibs that will write smoothly and won’t scratch, so this pen amazed both of us.Definitely recommend getting an EF nib with Kaweco! If you’ve been thinking about getting a Kaweco fountain pen, the Kaweco Brass Sport is a great fountain pen at a good price. Made in Germany by the well-known (and trusted) Kaweco brand, the Kaweco Brass Sport is an excellent choice for newbies and experienced fountain pen enthusiasts alike. Watch for more fountain pen reviews coming soon. And check out the current prices on your favorite pen and ink brands at PenChalet.com.