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Introducing Field Notes Sweet Tooth Notebooks

Field Notes has released the the Field Notes Sweet Tooth Edition, another unique limited edition seasonal design for Spring.  With so many ideas to go off of for this new season, Field Notes has combined two unexampled and fun designs into one.  The Field Notes Sweet Tooth Edition merges matching colored 100 lb covers and extra-beefy interior 70 lb perforated pages.

Field Notes Sweet Tooth Notebooks

Field Notes Sweet Tooth Notebooks

In their 30th Quarterly release, Field Notes offers customers three bright colors of notebooks engulfed with intention of the new season — Blu-Raspberry, Banana Split, and Tangy Orange.  The matched cover has a simple same-colored Field Notes shiny metallic stamp by Crown Roll Leaf Inc. displaying the iconic brand. Not only do the notebooks colors bring out the Spring season, but also Field Notes Spring, “The Sweet Tooth Edition’s” perforated edges help pages break away in pure Spring cleaning fashion. One can neatly pull out a page with a simple fold and tug.

Field Notes Sweet Tooth Black Staples

Field Notes Sweet Tooth Black Staples

Upon receiving the product with a randomized stack order and black staples that surprise customers revealing even more originality and exclusivity from Field Notes Spring edition. Although each 3-pack of Field Notes Sweet Tooth notebooks contain one of each of the three colors they are randomly packed and sealed.  Customers can get creative themselves with the new Spring edition’s unruled pages.  Whether writing a quick note to a loved one, putting together a short grocery list, or letting the little ones doodle pictures of their favorite animals, the possibilities of what one can do within the perforated, bright pages of Field Notes Spring, The Sweet Tooth Edition notebooks are endless. See more ideas on what you can do with this new Spring edition in the video by Field Notes (below). Pen Chalet has the new Field Notes Sweet Tooth Notebooks on sale, so order today and break into Spring with this fresh, bright, unique notebook set!

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Field Notes Sweet Tooth Perforation

Perforation of the Interior Pages

Field Notes Sweet Tooth Colors

Sweet Tooth Colors

Field Notes Sweet Tooth Cover

Shiny Metallic Foiled Cover