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New Sailor Pro Gear Earth Fountain Pen

Sailor has just introduced a new Professional Gear series, the Sailor Pro Gear Earth fountain pen. This gorgeous new pen is an extension of the recently released Sailor Pro Gear Sky. The Pro Gear Sky pens are a clear blue demonstrator representing the sky while the new Sailor Pro Gear Earth will be a reddish brown color and will be available for sale in July of 2016.

Sailor Pro Gear Earth Fountain Pen

Sailor Pro Gear Earth Fountain Pen

This new Earth Pro Gear fountain pen will be available in all three Professional Gear sizes, slim, standard and king of pen. Just like other Sailor Pro Gear pens the slim model will come with a 14k gold nib while the standard and king of pen sizes will have a 21k gold nib. The retail prices for each model will be as follows:

Slim ………. $250.00

Standard ….$390.00

KOP ………….$1020.00


The Sailor Pro Gear Earth fountain pen is a special edition pen and not a limited production. We do however recommend you reserve your Professional Gear Earth pen today as production capacity will be restricted so you get your pen as soon as they become available.

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