Fountain Pen Sketching with PenBoyRoy on Pen Chalet

Drawing with a Fountain Pen on Rhodia Paper with PenBoyRoy

We love seeing all the projects our customers and affiliates create using their fountain pen and ink collections – like this spot on sketch from PenBoyRoy. Sit down with him as he draws everyone’s favorite lazy cat using the well-loved Conklin Duraflex with Noodler’s Black fountain pen ink.

Fountain Pen Drawing: How to Draw Garfield with Your Fountain Pen

This is a short video created by PenBoyRoy during a recent sit down with one of the pens from his fountain pen collection. Next time you’re in the mood to pull out one of your pens and put it to paper, take a page from his book and pull inspiration from the classics.

How to Draw with a Fountain Pen: ProTips

If you’re new to fountain pen drawing and you’re collecting information about how to get started before you dive into one of your first attempts, consider these pro tips:

1. Use good paper and ink. (You’ll notice that this video shows a Rhodia notebook and uses Noodler’s Black fountain pen ink. While these are not your only options – they are solid choices).

2. Don’t be afraid to guide your fountain pen sketch with an initial pencil rendering. That magical ability to make a mistake and erase it to try again? That’s a pencil thing. Take advantage of the unique qualities of the pencil so your final fountain pen sketch has the best chance of turning out just right.

Check back soon for more fountain pen project features and pro tips!

Our Guest Reviewer: PenBoyRoy

Today’s Pen Chalet guest reviewer/enthusiast/Influencer/Fountain Pen Sketch Artist is PenBoyRoy (you may know him from his fountain pen podcast or fountain pen reviews on various social media channels). PenBoyRoy is a fan of all things fountain pen, a master of sarcasm, and on the cutting edge of tongue in cheek quotes. Follow him on your favorite social media channel to learn more about the fountain pens and fountain pen products you don’t want to miss out on, and opportunities to burst into spontaneous laughter due to handily worded writing samples that can’t help but entertain and inform simultaneously.

Where to Find More Fountain Pen How Tos and Fountain Pen Project Features:

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Are you a fountain pen fan? Are you into fountain pen sketching? What are some of your favorite “subjects” to re-create?

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