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Diamine Aqua Blue Ink Feature & Giveaway

The Diamine Aqua Blue Ink feature and giveaway is happening! And you’re right, that sounded a little different than normal. We almost ALWAYS do a weekly ink review and giveaway with an ink comparison thrown in now and then. However, this week, we’re making a slight adjustment and shaking things up with a straight up feature of Diamine’s Aqua Blue fountain pen ink.

All About the Ink Maker: Diamine

Are you already a Diamine ink fan? If so, we’re not surprised. It’s pretty rare to run into someone who doesn’t like Diamine inks. If you haven’t tried them yet – here are a few things writing enthusiasts and pen fanatics and fountain pen fiends love about Diamine inks:

  • they’ve got great ink flow
  • they’re available in a lot of colors
  • they’re made in the UK and very well regarded (this isn’t necessarily a selling factor for most, but we still thought it was something you might want to know)

Founded in 1864, Diamine’s product line of inks includes multiple series:

  • Diamine Regular Ink Series (30 ml. or 80. ml ink bottles)
  • Diamine Shimmering Ink Series
  • Diamine Guitar Ink Series (30 ml. or 80. ml ink bottles)
  • Diamine 150th Anniversary Ink Series

This Week’s Featured Ink: Diamine Aqua Blue Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Aqua Blue ink isn’t a new release, and you may already know and love it. But for those of you who don’t already know and love it – please consider this me introducing you to one of my oldest and dearest friends. For those of you who already know and love it, consider this me reminding you that some blues are perfect for summer, and Diamine Aqua Blue ink is definitely on that list. The varying shades of vivid blue not only bring to mind beachy waves, the rippling water of the open sea, and laughter filled fun beside crystal clear swimming pools, but some of the lighter shades remind us to spend some of those summer moments looking up at the clear blue skies.

Let’s Talk About the Diamine Ink Bottle:

Diamine ink company produces a few different shapes and sizes of ink bottles, and which bottle they use for the ink depends on the ink series. This week, we’re featuring the Diamine Aqua Blue ink in the 30 ml. size. The 30 ml. ink bottle is particularly convenient for travel. Aqua Blue is one of Diamine’s regular series inks. Both Diamine regular series inks and Diamine Guitar Series inks are available in the small, plastic sample 30 ml. size shown in the image here in the ink feature. Diamine uses simple, easy to read ink color labeling and packaging. Important

Note: the 30 ml. Diamine ink bottle has a very small lid/opening, and may be cutting it close (or even be too small) to directly fill some larger fountain pens directly from the ink bottle.

How Much Does Diamine Ink Cost?

This week’s fountain pen ink comes at a very reasonable cost. Check for the latest discounted price at PenChalet.com

Does the Fountain Pen Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

Diamine Aqua Blue ink showed lots of shading possibilities (a vivid clear blue to lighter shades of aqua and sky blue). It’s all about your nib and your penmanship.

Final Conclusion on this Week’s Featured Diamine Ink:

This week’s ink is an affordable option amongst imported fountain pen inks. Made by a prolific and well-regarded company, Diamine Aqua Blue ink is made in the UK. The gorgeous bright, vivid blue flows well, is safe for fountain pens, and is a great “summer” choice for a turquoise-blue fountain pen ink. Happy writing from the UK!

Enter to Win a Diamine Fountain Pen Ink:

Enter to win the actual bottle of Diamine Aqua Blue fountain pen ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink feature:

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2 years ago

Gorgeous shade of blue! Diamine inks have been really well behaved in my experience, and make for a great inexpensive way to build up a collection

joe west
2 years ago

the Aqua blue ink looks amazing

2 years ago

That’s definitely my favorite color right there.

2 years ago

Diamine Aqua Blue ink would look fantastic in my new Esterbrook Estie Aqua. Reminds me of growing up on Lake Michigan.

Geoffrey Dunn
2 years ago

What a beautiful bright blue! Diamine inks are terrific and I’d love to see this one IRL!

Dale Thele
2 years ago

Beautiful shade 🙂

Annette M
2 years ago

I really love Diamine ink…they are so dependable! Lovely colors, and so much to choose from. The affordable price is also great, especially these days when everything is getting so expensive!!

Patrick E Tinney
2 years ago

I do love Diamine Inks. This is a very pretty looking blue.

Sara Hagen
2 years ago

This ink makes me think of Kon-Peki except it’s lighter in color. A truly lovely ink!

2 years ago

What a lovely blue! Worth mentioning that Diamine is one of the most affordable inks.

C Okolie
2 years ago

Diamine Blue Inks are always nice.

2 years ago

I love Diamine inks so much! This is really a stunning Blue and would be amazing in my collection of inks!

Colton H.
2 years ago

The post may not have a test sheet like usual, but the sample splash does say a good bit about shading potential. The range of blues and greens in this one seems respectable, and could probably be paired well with my others for art purposes. Curious how water-resistant this line may or may not be, though. Despite their great renown, I know little about Diamine’s ink beyond seeing sample writings with it. I’m looking forward to reading those 3 Oysters reviews, whenever you go live with them.

Michael Solinas
2 years ago

That’s a beautiful blue!!