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diamine aqua blue ink

Diamine Aqua Blue Ink Feature & Giveaway

The Diamine Aqua Blue Ink feature and giveaway is happening! And you're right, that sounded a little different than normal. We almost ALWAYS do a weekly ink review and giveaway with an ink comparison thrown in now and then. However, this week, we're making a slight adjustment and shaking things up with a straight up

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diamine sherwood forest ink review and giveaway

Diamine Sherwood Green Ink Review & Giveaway

Ready to look a little closer at Diamine Sherwood Green ink? It's the first of 2 green inks we're reviewing by request this month. We got a request to review more emerald green inks with sheening or shimmering properties, and it was the perfect time since these green fountain pen inks are great greens for

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150th Anniversary Diamine Purple Dream Ink Review and Giveaway

150th Anniversary Diamine Purple Dream Ink Review & Giveaway

In 2014, Diamine released thirteen new ink colors to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Diamine Purple Dream, one of the 150th Anniversary inks, is the focus of this week's review. Read on for all the details! All About the Ink Maker: Diamine This week's ink comes from Diamine Ink Company, a prolific and well-respected ink company

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Diamine Brandy Dazzle Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink

Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: Diamine Brandy Dazzle Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink

This week's ink review and giveaway feature Diamine Brandy Dazzle Shimmering fountain pen ink. Enchanted Brandy Dazzle ink is one of 40 "shimmering" colors produced by Diamine Ink Company. Established in 1864, the UK ink company brings several different lines of ink to fountain pen aficionados, including the special edition guitar ink line, 150th Anniversary line,

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