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“Re”-Introducing The Conklin Stylograph Pen Collection

For 2017, Conklin has re-introduced the Stylograph Pen Collection with all new colors!

Conklin, the iconic pen company that started back in 1898, is known for its vintage styles and looks and quality writing instruments. Conklin Pen Company from time to time has introduced its timeless vintage models that have been updated for the 21st Century, such as the Conklin Duragraph, which has been a tremendous hit the last couple of years.

An art deco mosaic Stylograph was introduced a few years ago, which was based upon its timeless 1930’s collection and these previous Mosaic Stylographs were well received. They were an impressively large pen, each hand made from acrylic resin forming a checked mosaic that were individually unique, as no two were exactly alike. This Conklin Stylograph pen was a great seller at Pen Chalet, even though it retailed for well over $100, but unfortunately was discontinued.

Conklin Stylograph Pen Collection

Conklin Stylograph Pen Collection

Conklin has reintroduced the Stylograph collection for 2017 again based upon the original Conklin Stylograph design but have updated the look for 2017! Each Conklin Stylograph pen is again made by hand from solid resin rods and come in three distinct and unique color combinations: Polar White, Tropical Blend and Arctic Blue. Each color has been buffed to a unique matte surface and due to the coloring in the resin bars, each pen will be unique with no two exactly alike.

The new 2017 Conklin Stylograph fountain pen, which retails for $85.00 while the parker–style refill ballpoint pen retails for $75.00. The Fountain pen has a cartridge/converter fill system and takes an international standard cartridge. Both ink cartridges as well as a converter are included with the fountain pen and it is available in either a fine, medium or stub nib options. The fine and medium nibs are a two-toned stainless steel nib, with the recognizable Conklin crescent moon breather hole. The stub nib option being a single colored polished chrome nib.

Conklin is also known for its unique and well respected patented spring loaded clip, which are included in the 2017 Stylograph pens and has the Conklin name stylized onto the front. Conklin has also placed the Stylograph name on the base of the cap on the front of the silver band in scripted black lettering.

The new Conklin Stylograph looks great, has all the same features as the previous Mosaic Stylograph version, but is substantially less expensive. The new Conklin Stylograph is available today at Pen Chalet for 20% off the full retail price. Order yours today!

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