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How to Swap Nibs on a Conklin/Monteverde Fountain Pen!

Have you ever wondered how to swap nibs on your Conklin or Monteverde Fountain Pen? If you ever have, this week’s guide is exactly what you you are looking for. Below we will detail how to change nibs on an Amber Conklin Duragraph, but the same instructions apply to most Conklin and Monteverde fountain pens.

Also, we’re excited to announce that Conklin has released Extra Fine Nib Units that will be available on pens, and as replacement nib units. In addition, we will be carrying the Conklin Omniflex nibs in the near future. Continue reading for a great guide, and your chance to win a Conklin Extra Fine Replacement Nib Unit.

10 Simple Steps to Swap Nibs

Proper Nib Grip Technique

Proper Nib Grip Technique

1. Remove the grip section from the pen, by unscrewing the barrel from the pen.
2. Also make sure to remove any cartridge/converter from the pen. Note: Some Conklin and Monteverde converters are threaded and will need to be unscrewed from the section.
3. Flush and clean any ink from the pen.
4. Gently place your thumb on the underside of theĀ nibĀ (flat on the feed, or black section).
5. Place your index finger gently on the top of theĀ nib.
6. While holding bothĀ nibĀ and feed gently, gently rotate the grip (not the nib) counter-clockwise (to the left). Tip: Some nibs are hard to remove. Using a Pen Chalet Nib Grip can help grab hold of the smooth section.
7. The entire housing should come out and leave you with aĀ nibĀ unit that looks like the replacement that you have. It is also possible to remove the nib and feed from the housing as well but we do not want to do that here.
8. With the same hold as before, insert the replacementĀ nibĀ unit into the grip section and gently rotate the grip clockwise (to the right).
9. Once it is tightened, replace the converter/cartridge that you previously removed.
10. Screw the grip section back into the barrel, and enjoy your new nib!

Enter to Win a Conklin Extra Fine Replacement Nib Unit

Enter below to win a brand new Conklin Extra Fine Replacement Nib Unit! Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends. Also, if you liked this guide, let us know in the comments below!

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This would be my first extra-fine nib. Great opportunity to experience one!

David Knapp

I usually prefer fine/medium nibs, but EF has its place.


That orange is sweet!


so simple.

sonny veneracion

I can’t wait for the Omniflex nibs to be available! Joooooy! šŸ˜‰


My favourite size nib is in the broader side, and Italic. But I appreciate a very reliable, smooth fine as well!

Nardja Segui

Oh this would be fun to own! Thank you for this opportunity! ā¤ļø

Mark Junk

Thanks for the directions as I really need to change the nib on my orange nights. Thanks!

Mark Nelson

Good info, I appreciate it.

Mary Beth

Super excited about this- I have a stub nib that Iā€™m not very fond of- looking forward to swapping it out for an extra fine!


Love the orange color


Do Conklin nib units fit Monteverde pens, and vise-versa?

Athena PN

Iā€™d love to try a Conklin EF! Thanks for another great giveaway.

Cassandra D

My favorite nib size for my fountain pen is medium.