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Sailor Jentle Irori Ink Review

Sailor Jentle Irori Ink is one of the new Jentle ink colors just released in the United States last month. All 8 new Sailor Jentle Four Season ink colors have been a tremendous hit at Pen Chalet and our initial shipment sold out very quick.

Sailor Jentle Irori Ink is a super bright refreshing red ink. This vibrant color is not muted at all and shows bright and true on paper. As with all Sailor Jentle Inks, Irori is a water based dye ink, which will not gum up your fountain pen and is easy to clean. Pen Chalet currently carries 19 Sailor Jentle inks, including all 16 Four Season ink colors, which are manufactured and imported from Japan.

Sailor Jentle Irori Ink

Sailor Jentle Irori Ink

Please note the following characteristics that we observed while testing Sailor Jentle Irori ink which you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

In this review we used a glass dip pen, made by J. Herbin on Rhodia graph paper. The glass dip pen we used has an extra fine equivalent tip.

Bottle Sizes

Sailor Irori ink comes in a large 50 ml. glass round bottle. The bottle has a large round opening, which makes it easy to access with all pens. Additionally, each Sailor Jentle ink bottle comes with an internal ink reservoir, which allows pen users to easily fill their fountain pens, even when the ink is running low.


Sailor Jentle inks are a mid-range priced ink, retailing for $18.00 for a good sized 50 ml bottle.

Dry Time

Using the extra fine equivalent nib of the glass dip pen, the ink was very fast drying in just 2-3 second. With larger sized nibs and wetter lines the dry time will of course be increased.

Bleed Through

We noticed no bleeding using the J. Herbin glass dip pen, however, with the soaked cotton swab some bleeding was experienced with the swab was at its wettest. Under normal fountain pen use you should experience very little bleeding with a quality paper like the Rhodia Block N. 18.


Using the Rhodia paper, Sailor Jentle Irori ink produced nice crisp lines with out any feathering.

Water Test

Being a water based dye ink, the Sailor Jentle line of inks are not waterproof. We experienced a large amount of feathering and color smearing when a wet cotton swab was ran over sample ink lines after letting them dry for approximately 3 minutes.


We didn’t experience very much shading with this ink, the color is pretty consistent with most lines we put to paper. Other Sailor Jentle Four Season inks, such as Rikyu-Cha and Oku-Yama, have significant shading characteristic.

Conclusion about the Sailor Jentle Irori Ink

The 8 new Sailor Four Season Jentle inks have been a hit, added to the previous 8 Sailor Four Season inks. There is now a wide range of ink colors for all pen lovers in the Sailor Jentle Four Seasons line. The quick dry characteristics and the bright vibrant red color will be loved by those who want red in their arsenal of writing options. The bottle, shape, size, and reservoir Sailor produces are top notch and functional. The mid-range price makes Sailor Jentle Irori ink a reasonable fun option for adding this red fountain pen ink to your collection.