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Robert Oster Lake of Fire Ink Review & Giveaway!

Robert Oster Lake of Fire Ink: Robert Oster is releasing a widely anticipated addition to their ever-increasing ink collection Lake of Fire. This is a companion ink to their widely popular Fire & Ice signature ink.

Robert Oster Lake of Fire Ink

Robert Oster Lake of Fire Ink Bottle

Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink is being released at the San Francisco International Pen Show this coming weekend and will be available for shipment on August 28, 2017 after the show. This new color is similar to Fire & Ice but a lighter shade of blue. Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink is a very dark teal blue color, with more blue than green. It also has nice red sheening capabilities when used properly on the right paper. Sheening shows up more using Tomoe River paper for instance than with the Rhodia paper used for this review.

Robert Oster continues to provide variety and uniqueness to their inks. For these reasons their fountain pen inks continue to increase in popularity. This newest ink from Down Under should not be missed.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink we used for this review.

Robert Oster Lake of Fire Ink

Robert Oster Lake of Fire Ink

We noticed the following characteristics while testing Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

We used Rhodia dot pad paper with a French made J. Herbin dip pen for this review. The Rhodia paper doesn’t show Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink’s sheening capabilities as well as other papers, but is great for fountain pen use. The glass dip pen has a tip that is equivalent to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

As with all Robert Oster inks, Lake of Fire comes in only one size, a 50 ml. plastic environmentally friendly bottle. Each bottle comes with an easy to open ribbed plastic black lid, with a white label on top that tells the color of ink along with a small ink swab reflecting the color.


Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink retails in the U.S. for $17.00 for a 50 ml. bottle. This makes Lake of Fire a mid ranged priced ink for the cost and size of the bottle, which is reasonable when you consider Robert Oster ink is handcrafted and imported from Australia.

Dry Time

While testing Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink, we found a relative quick try time of 6-7 seconds using Rhodia paper with the glass dip pen. This is even more impressive considering the saturation being medium to high.

Bleed Through

During our review of Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink we noticed absolutely zero bleeding, even during the cotton swab test there was no bleeding.


Under normal conditions during this review we did not experience any feathering. All lines using Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink were clear and crisp with the Rhodia paper. However, some slight feathering was experienced during the water test.

Water Test

Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink held up reasonably well during the water test, where we ran a wet cotton swab over a dried ink sample. The test produced very slight feathering, although most lines were still clear and distinct and no additional bleeding. Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink did produce quite a bit of color smearing during the water test, which is typical for dark colored non-waterproof ink.


Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink has some nice shading characteristics due to its dark color. A lighter stroke can off set this dark teal with a lighter blue color making a beautiful contrast. In general Robert Oster inks normally have nice shading characteristics and Lake of Fire is no exception.

Saturation Test

Robert Oster Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink has medium to high saturation. For this test we dip a cotton swap in the ink just once and run 1, 2 or 3 passes across the page. All three-sample lines written across the page were done with just one dip each.

Conclusion about the Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink

Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink is a great addition to the Robert Oster family and specifically a complement to previously released Robert Oster Fire & Ice ink. It does have some nice sheening characteristics and the nice dark teal color is dark enough for everyday and office use. Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink dries reasonably fast and holds up quite well under the water test. This nicely saturated ink has a wet feel and is just not a subtle color. It has a nice dark blue shade you will love for letters, home, office or journal writing.

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Robert Oster Lake of Fire ink that we used in this ink review:

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6 years ago

Another lovely ink.

6 years ago

So far, I’m really impressed with Robert Oster inks – the quality and variety of colors is great!

Jeff Loo
6 years ago
Reply to  SusanJ

Wonderful ink with wonderful name ^^

Scott D.
6 years ago

I love seeing all these inks reviewed in a common format. It is very helpful. Thanks for the giveaway.

6 years ago

Robert Oster keeps impressing me with every new ink.

6 years ago

I love Robert Oster’s blue ink shades the most. They’re consistently wet, and almost all sheen on Tomoe River paper. I’m happy he decided to offer this new shade in a 50 ml fountain pen ink!

Sharon Abar
6 years ago

Great review. Another incredible ink by Robert Oster.

M. Ingibergsson
6 years ago

This is a lovely shade of blue

Andrew Mulnix
6 years ago

This one looks really nice!

Roy C
6 years ago

I like

Faith Robin Buchin
6 years ago

This is truly a beautiful shade of blue. So far, I do not own any Robert Oster in my ink collection. It would be wonderful to have some! Thank you Pen Chalet for another great giveaway.

6 years ago

I really like this ink. Pairs well with their other fire & ice inks.

Armando González Ruiz
6 years ago

Excelent ink review!

Grace K
6 years ago

Can’t get enough of Robert Oster inks. This one looks great too!

Bill Modlin
6 years ago

I really like the ROS Fire & Ice ink that I have. I’d like to compare the Lake of Fire to something like the Lamy Petrol, for example.

Chaney Tse
6 years ago

Thoroughly impressed with Robert Oster and the sheer variety of colors!

Alek Niwczyk
6 years ago

That’s a very nice blue. Would love to try it – I never tried any Robert Oster ink yet.

Rachel L
6 years ago

Another beautiful Robert Oster color. Can’t wait to see what the sheen looks like on Tomoe River paper!

Y. Niu
6 years ago

Robert Oster inks are gorgeous! So much shade and sheen.

Michael Elson
6 years ago

Yet another Robert Oster blue I must acquire. Thanks for the opportunity.

Marko Markolovic
6 years ago

Love the color.