Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen

Introducing the Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen

Platinum is entering into a niche corner of the fountain pen world with the Platinum Curidas, a retractable fountain pen. Normally, fountain pens come outfitted with caps that add a bit to their elegance with glistening clips and oftentimes, a company’s initials. The Platinum Curidas fountain pen foregoes this traditional aspect to walk a new path.


The name Curidas itself is a word created by Platinum through the combination of the Japanese word kuridasu and curiosity. Kuridasu refers to extending the tip of the pen. And the other contributor honors the people’s curiosity that brought this pen to life.

Understandably, the market for retractable fountain pens is not as full as their traditional counterparts. When people think of a fountain pen, the image that comes to mind is not a pen with a push-mechanism.

In reality, there are primarily two competitors for the Platinum Curidas– the Pilot Vanishing Point and the LAMY Dialog 3. Each of these pens, including the Curidas, subverts the classic stylistic choices for fountain pens in favor of a new form.

Platinum Curidas Fountain Pens
Platinum Curidas Fountain Pens

Design of the Platinum Curidas

At first look the Curidas almost looks rectangular. Its compact body design includes the clip set closer to the middle of the pen. Platinum made this choice to allow for a more comfortable grip while writing.

A typical concern with fountain pens is the ink drying out. The Curidas possess a minimized nib pocket in an effort to prevent moisture evaporation, thus keeping the ink from drying out.

An interesting addition to this fountain pen is its long stainless steel nib. In practice, this allows the writer to see a clearer view of the paper as they write. Another nice feature many writers will like about the Curidas is the removable clip alleviating any issues of a bothersome clip when writing.

Available in five different colors; Prism Crystal, Graphite Smoke, Urban Green, Abyss Blue, and Gran Red. Each color comes in three nib sizes; Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium.

We are excited about this new pen design from Platinum. The pen has great design at a reasonable price point making the retractable style fountain pen more affordable!

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4 years ago

I want to see pictures of it in someones hand. What are the dimensions of this pen retracted and extended?

Fred J Beiderbecke
4 years ago

I think it looks interesting. Will have to give one a try.