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Introducing the Newly Redesigned Conklin Conklinetta Senior fountain pen

Just released if the newly redesigned Conklin Conklinetta Senior fountain pen as part of the Conklin Heritage Collection. This collection for 2015 comprises of three unique, interesting yet historic fountain pens, whose innovative designs originated from the golden ages of fountain pens in the early 1900’s.

Conklin Conklinetta Senior Fountain Pen

Conklin Conklinetta Senior Fountain Pen

Each of the new Conklin Heritage Collection pens, the Conklin Sleeve Filler, the Conklin Word Gauge and the Conklin Conklinetta Senior are a combination of the original historic design and patented filling system using todays modern technology in the manufacturing and materials used. Roy Conklin, who established the Conklin brand in 1898 in Toledo, Ohio, would be proud that his legacy and vision continues on today.

The Conklin Conklinetta Senior fountain pen, which comes in either a mocha swirl or black, uses a side-button fill system, which is similar in function to the popular crescent fill system. The chrome sleeve, which is located towards the lower part of the barrel, so not to interfere with the act of writing, twists to an open and locking position, whereby the button can be depressed and released to fill the pen with your favorite fountain pen ink.

The Conklinetta Senior is a large fountain pen measuring 141 mm closed and 165 mm posted and comes in a Fine, Medium or Stub two toned Conklin stainless steel nib. Both the Conklinetta Senior Mocha Swirl and the Conklinetta Senior Black have chrome trim, clips, and side-button filling system.

This modern redesign of the Conklin Conklinetta Senior fountain pen will be available for shipment at the end of September, 2015, in time for your 2015 holiday shopping and gifts and will retail for $195. Pen Chalet is offering this new Conklin pen as well as all of the other modern Conklin Heritage Collection pens at 20% off its full retail price.  If you would like to purchase the Conklin Conklinetta Senior fountain pen we are currently taking pre-orders on each of the Conklinetta fountain pen page or by commenting to this post.