pick up a pen for national poetry month

Celebrate National Poetry Month: Pick Up a Pen With Us!

Pick up a pen! It’s National Poetry Month! Wait…you didn’t KNOW? Well, you do now. And it’s time to celebrate. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas.

Pick Up a Pen and Enjoy Some Analog Writing #PowerToThePen

pick up a pen for National Poetry Month

Throughout the month of April, ARS Poetica is urging writers to take time each day to write—but not how they might typically write. They’re encouraging writers to take time away from the devices we’ve all become so dependent on and put some words to paper the old fashioned way – with a pen. And we’re 100% supportive of this mission since we always want people to take time our of their day to enjoy a pen, some paper, and some ink. And we adore that the ARS Poetica campaign to encourage people to reconnect with the experience of writing using a pen and paper is called Power to the Pen!

Pick Up a Pen & Get Involved for National Poetry Month: Take a Workshop, Join in a Discussion

pick up a pen for National Poetry Month
Follow @arspoetica.us to get updates on available classes, workshops, and more!

In addition to picking up your pen and putting some words to paper the old fashioned way this month, celebrate National Poetry Month by taking a workshop, joining a discussion, or setting aside some time to truly dive deep into your poetic side. A huge poetry fan, and supporter of the arts, ARS Poetica is diving in feet first to National Poetry Month 2021 with an extravaganza of artist features, classes, spotlights, etc. You can find a listing of available classes, etc. here.

Enter to Win During the National Poetry Month Penmanship Contest:

In addition to all the fun already discussed, ARS Poetica is hosting a calligraphy contest on Instagram! Because there’s something magical about the depth calligraphy can add to the meaning of a word. Pen Chalet and The Sill joined in the fun to support the celebrations, and we think you should definitely consider joining in, too! The National Poetry Month Calligraphy contest will be judged by @penaddict and @bettysoldi. Show us your handwriting! If you’d like to enter the contest, the rules are simple:

  1. Post your handwritten words (can be a poem, a quote, or anything at all) and tag @arspoetica.us + #powertothepencontest.
  2. Entries must be posted (and accurately tagged as noted above by midnight 4/28/2021.
  3. Winners will be announced by ARS Poetica on 4/30/2021.

Three National Poetry Month Calligraphy Contest winners will receive $100 each, plus prizes from Pen Chalet, The Sill, and more. PLUS they’ll be featured on the ARS Poetica website.

Pick Up a Pen & Tag Your Favorite Poetry on Social Media:

Last, but not least, fill your pen with ink and let your favorite paper soak up the words of some of your favorite poetry. Then post it on social media and tag @penchalet. We’ll be sharing bits and pieces of handwritten poetry throughout the month of April to celebrate National Poetry Month, and we’d love to see all of you join in the fun!

Happy National Poetry Month! Get out your favorite book of poems, fill your journal pages with poetry, or just practice your handwriting, and ponder how much more meaning the words have when you have them there to look at on paper. And, as always, come back to visit us often for all your favorite pens, inks, and pen accessories (and random pen-related fun and games) at PenChalet.com.

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Janice in GA
3 years ago

I’m no calligrapher or anything. I do keep a commonplace book, where I write down poems and short quotations that I love. I use lots of my fountain pens to do this!