Benu Supreme fountain pen review

Benu Supreme Fountain Pen Review + Diamine Lilac Satin Shimmering Ink

Today we’ve got a pen and ink review from one of your favorite guest reviewers to share! Get ready to check out the Benu Supreme Azure fountain pen with Melyssa Naujoks (@acourtofwingsandjournals).

Today’s Guest Reviewer: Melyssa Naujoks (@acourtofwingsandjournals):

A regular guest reviewer and frequent poster, we discovered Melyssa on Instagram. Her gorgeous ink play made us want to be as cool as she was, and we just had to reach out to her. Melyssa loves fountain pens, scrapbooking, ink, paint, and journaling. (And she’s ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect purple ink).

Benu Supreme Azure Fountain Pen Review:

Benu Supreme Azure fountain pen review with Pen Chalet guest reviewer, @acourtofwingsandjournals.
Benu Supreme Azure fountain pen review with Pen Chalet guest reviewer, @acourtofwingsandjournals.

The pen Melyssa worked with for this review was the Benu Supreme Azure fountain pen. Melyssa had never worked with a Benu pen before, so we were excited to see what she thought of this Russian made beauty. If you’re not familiar with Benu – their pen designs stand out with unique shapes and interesting features, and they consistently bring the bling like no other pen maker out there. The Azure is one of the tamer color options for the Benu Supreme, but even so, the material used for this pen has an undeniable shimmer that is definitely worthy of a Benu.

Melyssa’s Conclusion on the Benu Supreme:

“…all in all I really enjoy the pen. It’s really comfortable and I was pleasantly surprised that I had no issues when posting it. It is really comfortable to write with even at different angles. I think it’s the perfect pen for someone who wants a pop of color but doesn’t want anything too flashy.” 

Diamine Lilac Satin Shimmering Ink Review:

Benu Supreme Azure Fountain Pen Review with @acourtofwingsandjournals
Read the full pen and ink review. Photo Credit: guest reviewer, @acourtofwingsandjournals // Pen: Benu Supreme Azure
Ink: Diamine Lilac Satin Journal: @_wonderland222.

“The Diamine Shimmering ink is also beautiful! I love that the shimmer isn’t overdone and doesn’t take away from the ink color. I had a bit of smudging while writing but I’m a lefty so that’s fairly normal with shimmers for me.” – Melyssa Naujoks, @acourtofwingsandjournals

As Melyssa’s constantly seeking the “perfect” purple ink, we usually include a purple ink for her to try out when she’s reviewing, and we thought this shimmery Azure Benu called for a shimmering purple ink!

Benu Supreme fountain pen in Azure - reviewed by Pen Chalet guest reviewer, @acourtofwingsandjournals.
Benu Supreme fountain pen in Azure reviewed by @acourtofwingsandjournals, Pen Chalet guest reviewer.

Col-o-ring Dipper Review:

col-o-ring dipper ink testing supplies

Since Melyssa loves testing inks, we thought we’d make her life a little easier by introducing her to one of our newer products that is designed specifically for ink testing: the Col-o-ring Ink Dipper! If you haven’t heard of it…you should check it out!

“And I love the col-o-ring dipper. It’s the perfect size. You can easily carry it in a bag and it’s not too bulky.” 

Pen & Ink Tip from Our Guest Reviewer, Melyssa Naujoks:

benu supreme azure fountain pen ink review_decorate small shipping boxes to store ink samples
Photo Credit: @acourtofwingsandjournals, Melyssa Naujoks // Pen: Benu Supreme fountain pen in Azure.

Big fan of ink samples? Melyssa has taken to using her mixed media/journaling skills to create lovely hideaways for all her inky snippets by decorating the ink sample boxes. Where do you store your ink samples?

Check back soon for more pen and ink reviews. And as always, find your favorite pen and ink brands at

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3 years ago

These are new to me and I love purple inks. This ink looks beautiful and I will definitely order a sample. Never tried a Benu either and am saving for one as I write this. A win-win for me!