Benu Briolette fountain pen is a great starter fountain pen

Benu Briolette Review: Great Starter Fountain Pen with Smooth Ink Flow

If you follow us on social media, you’ve been waiting for the first in a series of deep dives into fountain pens and inks that you’ve been breathlessly waiting to get to know a little better. If that’s the case, take a deep breath and get ready because we’ve got a great guest reviewer ready to talk to you about Benu Pen’s Briolette fountain pen in Snow Season.

Our Guest Reviewer:Rebecca Martinez or CraftyHeartCreations

Today’s Pen Chalet guest reviewer is Rebecca Martinez (you may know her as @craftyheartcreations on Instagram). Rebecca is a creator, a lover of life, and a big fan of journaling. She also loves fountain pens and inks of every color. If you’ve seen our past pen reviews, you may have run across another review or two from Rebecca. Here’s what she discovered about the Benu Briolette fountain pen.

*In the words of our reviewer:

Benu Briolette in Snow Season: The Unboxing

The Benu Briolette fountain pen comes in a simple, white cardboard box. Inside you’ll find some literature about Benu, which is located in Russia. There’s also some packaging material and a cartridge included. The pen is in a separate sleeve inside the box.

It’s Only Polite to Stare When You’re Staring at a New Pen:

This fountain pen we’re looking at today is the Snow Season from Benu’s Briolette collection. You can see the Benu name cast into the resin. The entire surface has long, diamond-shaped facets – a feature that keeps your pen from rolling, but also brings out all the colors in the resin. This particular color is white with some silver and iridescent glitter. It’s difficult to see the variations in color and sheen on video, but in person, it’s quite sparkly and really nice.

Checking Out the Nib and Favorite Design Elements:

Let’s take a closer look at the pen and the Benu Briolette’s nib. This is a medium nib. The pen itself is quite lightweight, which feels really good for small hands. You get the thickness cradled right into the hand and then it narrows. This will be nice for some long writing sessions. This cap does NOT post, so if you like to post your caps, this pen might not be for you. The nibs are stainless steel and the entire body is resin.

Getting Inside the Benu Briolette: Cartridge or Converter

Taking a look inside the Benu Briolette fountain pen…you have the converter. You can pull that out and replace it with an ink cartridge and I’m going to go ahead and ink mine with Monteverde Black Ash fountain pen ink for our writing sample. (Watch the video to see how to replace an ink cartridge in the Benu Briolette fountain pen and to check out the writing sample).

The Benu Briolette: Great Grip for Writers with Small Hands

The Benu Briolette has a great grip. The nib looks a little small for the body, but it writes really well and has really nice ink flow. The medium nib is very smooth (you can hear it in the video), you don’t feel it scratching on the paper at all. It makes a nice, broad line. No skips, it keeps right up while writing. There’s no delay in the ink flow – the Benu Briolette writes really nice.

Snow Season is a Great Starter Pen: Watch the Full Review

Watch the full video to get up close and personal with the Benu Briolette fountain pen in Snow Season with a medium nib. Today’s reviewer thinks the Benu Briolette is a great starter pen with amazing ink flow. Get more details or get your own at

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