best deals on ballpoints, 2020 holiday gift guide

Stuff the Stockings with the Best Deals on Ballpoints: 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide

This year, stuff the Christmas stockings with pens and inks – or more specifically, the best deals on ballpoints! When it comes to Christmas stockings, we’ve got a lot of very merry and bright answers, and almost every single one of them fits perfectly in most Christmas stockings. So no matter who you are hoping to surprise with a little something special this holiday season, consider some of the best deals on ballpoints for a small gift that they’ll end up carrying around with them all year long.

Pens & Inks are Perfect Stocking Stuffers: It’s Almost Magical

When it comes to Christmas, some might think of us as magic. We’re not (technically), but sometimes we feel like we are – especially when people just like you discover how easy it is to fill their family’s Christmas stockings with fun, practical, affordable gifts like fountain pen inks, fountain pens, rollerball pens, ink cartridges, pen cases, notebooks, and, of course, the best deals on ballpoints! Read on for some of 2020’s best stocking stuffers!

Stuffing the Stockings: Best Deals on Ballpoint Pens

Pelikan Stola III Ballpoint – You can’t beat the price for a quality Pelikan ballpoint pen, and it has an elegant, classic style.

Conklin Minigraph Ballpoint – This popular pocket (or purse) pen is a solid choice. The pens are turned from solid bars of acrylic resin.

Cross Bailey Pen Set (Ballpoint AND Rollerball) – You can’t beat a classic Cross pen – and when they come in a gift set with not just a ballpoint, but both a ballpoint and a rollerball, you have to recognize you’re getting a great deal.

Monteverde Prima Ballpoint – A sharp-looking pen available in a variety of colors, this Monteverde ballpoint isn’t just a great deal, it’s a lot of fun.

Conklin All American Ballpoint – If you’re looking for a full size ballpoint, you should take a look at the All American. The Conklin All American pulls inspiration from the original All American released in the 1930’s.

Nettuno 1911 Ballpoint – If you’re searching for a great price on a top notch Italian made ballpoint pen, check out the Nettuno 1911 ballpoint pens in stock at These ballpoint pens are hand turned from solid bar stock and finished with gold or rhodium plated trims.

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Find the Stocking Stuffers You Need at Pen Chalet: Best Deals on Ballpoints

Still looking for some small gifts and treasures to include in the family’s Christmas stockings this year? We suggest you consider adding a few ballpoint pens to the mix – and if you’re going to buy ballpoint pens for stocking stuffers, you might as well get a great deal on them. Find your family’s 2020 holiday pen gifts, and stocking stuffers at