Sheaffer Pen Company

Sheaffer Giveaway – 100 Year Coin

Pen Chalet is giving away 3 prizes to 3 lucky winners with our Sheaffer giveaway!

Sheaffer Pen Company was founded in 1913 in in Fort Madison, Iowa. This iconic pen manufacturer has created many innovative designs that influenced the pen industry. Some of these creations include the use of celluloid in the body of the pen for a wider range of colors and designs as well as the lever-filling fountain pen. Today Sheaffer creates many beautiful and unique designs that any pen lover would enjoy.

Sheaffer Centennial 100 Year Coin - Sheaffer Giveaway

Sheaffer Centennial Coin – 100 Year Anniversary

Sheaffer recently celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary last year and to commemorate this great event they created the Sheaffer centennial coin. This coin was commissioned by the Sheaffer Pen Museum and is made from antique silver. The finished coin measures 2 inches in diameter. One side of the coin features a gold plated Sheaffer Lifetime nib while the opposite side depicts a hand writing with a Sheaffer pen. Only 350 of these coins were made and the coin retails for $50.

100 Years of Sheaffer Book - Sheaffer Giveaway

100 Years of Sheaffer

Sheaffer also created a book to showcase the writing instruments they have created over the last 100 years. The book is 180 pages of written history and photographs of the Sheaffer pens and advertisements throughout the years. The book retails for $90.

Pen Chalet is giving these items away to 3 individuals with  our Sheaffer giveaway!

The 1st Place winner will receive both the coin as well as a copy of the book. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a copy of the 100 Years of Sheaffer commemorative book.


To enter simply use the form below and sign up for our mailing list(you can opt out anytime).  For the best chance to win complete the additional steps such as like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or share the giveaway through social media. This will boost your entries into the contest. Remember Sheaffer Giveaway will end Monday October 6th at 9 PM Pacific time so good luck.


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9 years ago

I have a Sheaffer Ferrari and it is an excellent writing pen. I am looking to expand my collection. Suggestions?

9 years ago
Reply to  Derek

Shaeffers are iconic pens – a great reminder of midCentury America style, too.

Sandra Strait
9 years ago

What a cool looking coin!

George Fox
9 years ago

Great Give-Away!!!!!!

9 years ago

The earliest ‘quality’ pens my parents bought for me were Sheaffer fountain pens – now sadly lost to time! – and I continue to have a soft spot for the brand. Love the idea of this giveaway – and learning more about the history of their pen design and construction!

Andrea Kirkby
9 years ago

It’s a lovely coin – but what nib is that on it? I would have thought the company best known for its inlaid nibs would have wanted to showcase them – as it does on the book!

Andrea Kirkby
9 years ago

What do I love about Sheaffer? Probably the Balances and the flat tops above all. But also the Triumph nib. And I have a Targa which I really hate, as far as the design goes – it doesn’t push my buttons at all – but it just writes so nicely, it is a delight to use; which is, after all, why I collect fountain pens in the first place.

Nathan Blades
9 years ago

Sheaffer – a Classic. Being a fan of coins, design, pens, history, and advertizing, this giveaway is right up my alley. To me it is important to remember your past in order to survive into the future. Be proud of your history. Take lessons from your history. I think brands that value and embrace their history are better off for it. Those that abandon their history have a tough road ahead. Entered to Win!

Art Pen
9 years ago

A red Sheaffer was my very first fountain pen! Still have it and love it! Thanks, Sheaffer and Pen Chalet!

9 years ago

My grandfather gave a Sheaffer fountain pen to my dad on his 21st birthday which he eventually gave to me on my 21st birthday too. I love using the pen to sign off letters that I’d write to my grandfather (in a different country). I’d love to win the Sheaffer 100 year coin as a memento for my grandfather and I think he’d appreciate the coin a lot! 🙂

9 years ago

I don’t have a sheaffer!!

Alex Witte
9 years ago

Sheaffer was my first brand of fountain pen – it was a NIB school pen, and I was delighted that I was still able to find cartridges at a big box store. I love that the name is so ubiquitous that you can still obtain their pens in craft stores and that this budget pen (in a medium nib) is on par with many of my more expensive pens. They just make quality, and they have been for a very long time.

Thanks for the generous giveaway!

Tracey Peach
9 years ago

I’ve never been lucky enough to own anything sheaffer, so would love to own the coin & book then at least I can say I have owned something Sheaffer!

9 years ago

I would appreciate the Heritage that goes with the coin.

Ruth Morrisson
9 years ago

I have three vintage Sheaffer Snorkels and a set of modern Sheaffer calligraphy pens. It would be great to have a book like that so I can get more information about the pens.

Dan G.
9 years ago

Would love to have this book!

9 years ago

Shaeffer pens are some of the best pens for the luxury pen buyer. And they are very affordable.

Inner Prop
9 years ago

I could put this with my military coin collection. Then when I went to pen shows I could do a coin challenge.

I’m just getting started in fountain pens and I’d like to collect one of each major brand, I especially want to focus on pens made in the US, which of course requires me to look for vintage. The book would be excellent.

Liz N.
9 years ago

Schaeffer is an iconic brand and the products are stunning!

Dina Gutiérrez
9 years ago

Interestingly enough, my first fountain pen was a sheaffer. Sheaffer definitely has a soft spot in my heart if anything because of the sentimental value. I’d like to win because I’d love to have a book with pictures of such classic fountain pens.

9 years ago

I love iconic designs and old coins. To win would be a twofer.

Colin D
9 years ago

I love the coin though not sure how I would best display it. I would really like thd book and to research my existing Schaeffers.

9 years ago

Thanks for the great give away. Sheaffer has made amazing pens, it’s great to see their continued success.

9 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity to win! I have never tried this brand and look forward to winning it. 🙂

Ken McDaniel
9 years ago

I have several new Sheaffer pens but yesterday I found 3 old ones at an estate sale! I’d love the book for more research.

9 years ago

Love Sheaffers, and would love to pore over that book.

9 years ago

I wish I could get one of those coins! They look so nice!

9 years ago

Cool coin!

9 years ago

Sheaffer is classic, luxury and the best pen ever. I would love to win the prize for momento. They are precious! Wish that I’m lucky enough to win anything from Sheaffer. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance of winning!

Aaron Fernuik
9 years ago

I better win. I’ll be so bummed without that coin in my collection.

9 years ago

I collect Sheaffer’s and would love to have a book with all of them.

Billy Davis
9 years ago

I wonder if that coin fits in a Coke machine?

Sharon A.
9 years ago

I have a couple of vintage Sheaffers, but would like to learn more about them. The book would be a great way to do that. And the coin is a lovely keepsake. Thanks for the chance to win.

Carl Wood
9 years ago

My first fountain pen was a Schaeffer and I collect challenge coins

Thanks for the opportunity

9 years ago

Sheaffers are my favorite vintage pen.

Joseph Kellett
9 years ago

I love the quality and like most people I love the feeling that winning gives you, winning at anything can really turn any type of day around. Especially winning a pen/stationary contest for me ( I happen to really be in to writing internals and stationary, etc like I imagine most people that are commenting on this blog post) would make my month for sure. Also Pen Chalet is a super rad company, I have only ordered from you once but everything was really in point not to mention the extremely great prices thanks to your jetpens price matching and… Read more »

9 years ago

I like Sheaffer pens.

Jonathan Jong
9 years ago

Sheaffer makes awesome classics.

Irene Wright
9 years ago

A good pen always improves your writing & Sheaffer pens are my favourite to write with.

Shea W
9 years ago

Easy – the moment you see the White Dot, you know you have a quality writing instrument in your hand!

9 years ago

Great prize-I would love to learn more about my Sheaffer pens and the book looks like just the place to start!

Kristopher Klauer (@klauerk)
9 years ago

Just giving this a shot. 🙂

9 years ago

wow nice

Sharon S
9 years ago

I like the way they write and I want to know more about their history.

9 years ago

Sheaffer was my first fountain pen. I found my Imperial 440 on the ground, it must have fallen out of someone’s pocket. It is still with me 15 years later, and it never lets me down. Even after being in a drawer for a week, it starts without fail every time.

Nadia Stanbridge
9 years ago

This iconic brand is a design classic and represents supreme quality. Happy Centenary. Thank you for always being there for us!

Ruben Lopez
9 years ago

Looking at getting a Sheaffer Ferrari!

9 years ago

Great giveaway!

9 years ago

the lever filler and the touchdown filler are two of my all time favorite filling mechanisms

Elise Sorge
9 years ago

Somewhere I have packed away a pen with the carton character Cathy on it and I believe that it is a Sheaffer-my first!

Caleb J.
9 years ago

I love Sheaffer Flat tops– my grail pen is a mint condition Jade Senior.