Introducing Field Notes Unexposed COLORS Fall 2014 Edition

Pen Chalet would like to announce that we are pleased to be carrying the brand new Field Notes Unexposed COLORS Fall 2014 collection. This memo book that has just been released by Field Notes(September 12, 2014) has a unique twist…. you nor Pen Chalet will have any idea what color your memo books will be.

Field Notes Unexposed COLORS memo books

Field Notes Unexposed COLORS memo books

The Field Notes Unexposed COLORS pack contains three 5 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch colorful 48 page grid memo books, which are all housed in a black “unexposed” sleeve. There are 6 different memo books that make up the Unexposed COLORS Collection and since their color combinations are random, it makes for 20 different possible combinations. Good luck!

The only guarantees that we will make is that you will receive 3 different variations with no duplicates in one Field Notes Unexposed COLORS pack. Secondly we guarantee that this collection, like all of Field Notes other special collections (such as 2014’s Shelterwood and Arts and Sciences), will be a hit and sell fast! The Field Notes Unexposed COLORS collection is limited to 60,000 units and are sure to sell fast(the Field Notes Shelterwood collection was limited to a 75,000 production and has already sold out).

Pen Chalet carries many other popular Field Notes products such as the new Arts and Sciences, the Original 3 pack (lined, graph, plain and combo), the 80 page Steno Books, and Pitch Black collections.

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