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Scribo Grigio Fountain Pen Ink Review & Giveaway

This week we’re talking about Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink! Scribo is a reasonably new pen and ink company. They started up in 2016 on the heels of the Omas Pen Company’s demise. Initially, Scribo was focused solely on creating high-end fountain pens, but in 2020 they expanded their repertoire, and they now offer luxurious fountain pen inks. Enjoy the full ink review below! Plus, take a second after reading about Grigio Scribo ink to enter to win the bottle of ink we used for this week’s review.

All About the Ink Maker: Scribo

Scribo Pen Company is an Italian pen and ink company offering various high quality, luxurious, water-based ink colors including:

• Arancio Di Sicilia (orange)
• Blue Capri (turquoise blue)
• Blu Cosmico (blue-black)
• Classico Seppia (brown)
• Nero Nero (black)
• Rosso Chianti (burgundy)
• Rosso Melograno (red)
• Verde Bosco (forest green)
• Verde Prato (light green)
• Grigio Scribo (grey)

We just accepted a shipment of Scribo products and are stocked up on all 10 Scribo fountain pen inks currently available!

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: Scribo Grigio Scribo Ink

Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink is a soft, dusty blue-grey color that shows up dark on paper – dark enough to be used as an everyday ink color for notecards, projects, notes, and journaling.

** Don’t stop now. Keep reading for a chance to win the Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink bottle used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review. And if you don’t have the time (or the patience), you can skip to the bottom to enter to win and come back later to read the full review – we’ll allow it.

Read the full Scribo Grigio Scribo ink review.

Read the full Scribo Grigio Scribo ink review.

It’s Time: Scribo Grigio Ink Review

Let’s dive right into this week’s ink review featuring Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink. We used all our standard ink review tests to identify the characteristics and traits you want to know about before deciding whether or not you want to try a new fountain pen ink! Read on for what we discovered.

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

Each week we list the products we used during our ink review here. We used a French-made J. Herbin glass dip pen (with a tip comparable to a fine-medium fountain pen nib) on Rhodia dot pad paper. As always, remember that different papers and nib sizes may produce different results.

What Size Ink Bottle Does Scribo Use?

Looking at the Scribo Grigio ink – we thought the ink bottle and the overall presentation was top notch. We’d give it an A+. The 90 ml. ink bottle (3 oz.) is heavy weighted and display quality. The ink bottle’s unique exterior square shape is reflected with a visible square internal ink well. We loved the leather pull tab and the large-mouthed lid. You can identify the ink color in the bottle by looking at the feather quill on top of the ink bottle’s cap, which is printed in the ink’s color.

How Much Does Scribo Ink Cost?

Scribo produces high-end inks, but they’re reasonably priced considering the quality, the large 90 ml. bottle size, and the top-notch presentation/packaging. Look for the best price on your next Scribo fountain pen ink at Pen Chalet.

How Did Scribo Grigio Ink Handle the 1-Dip Test?

During the 1-Dip Test, we checked how far Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink would write on paper (with just one dip in ink). You can see the three writing samples, S, X, and scribble lines, in the review photo. Scribo Grigio ink had no trouble writing across the paper on all three writing samples without any change.

How Fast Does Scribo Grigio Ink Dry?

Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink had a dry time of approximately 4-5 seconds, which is very quick for a medium saturation fountain pen ink. It definitely falls into the everyday use category for us.

Does Scribo Grigio Ink Bleed Through?

We saw zero bleed through with normal use of Grigio Scribo fountain pen ink – even during the heavy saturated cotton swab test we didn’t see any bleeding.

Was There Any Feathering While Using Grigio Scribo Ink?

We saw no feathering during normal use of Grigio Scribo ink on Rhodia paper, but we saw some slight feathering during the water test.

How Does Grigio Scribo Ink Stand Up to Water?

Scribo Grigio ink is not waterproof, so it’s not surprising that we saw light color smearing during the water test. For the water test, we let an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes before running a wet cotton swab over the sample. While Grigio Scribo ink had light color smearing after our standard water test, the lines were still legible. They did contain some slight distortion and some very slight feathering.

Does Scribo Grigio Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

This week’s ink had quite a bit of shading possibility depending on your penmanship, the nib you’re using, and your writing style.

Final Conclusion on Scribo Grigio Fountain Pen Ink:

Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink comes from Scribo Pen and Ink Company, a relatively new startup company out of Italy. After checking out this week’s ink thoroughly, we’d say Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink is a high end priced ink, but still reasonably priced considering the large 90 ml. ink bottle size and outstanding packaging, and presentation. The nice, muted grey-blue ink color has a very quick dry time (4-5 seconds), shows up dark on paper, and is appropriate for most home or office projects. Happy writing from Italy!

Enter to Win Scribo Grigio Ink:

Enter to win the actual bottle of Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink review:

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Wendy T
3 years ago

Wow! 90 ml will last quite a while! Thanks for the giveaway.

3 years ago

This looks great! I have a grey Iroshizoku which I like but I didn’t realize it would look like writing with a pencil. The blue-grey is the next thing I’d like to try and this looks like a perfect shade.

3 years ago

Always been a fan of blue-black. This one seems to dry pretty quick and offer shading. Also the leather pull tab is a nice touch!

3 years ago

I always wanted a lot of ink in this type of color.

Jovan Trujillo
3 years ago

I wonder how this blue-gray compares to their blue-black.

3 years ago

I like how blue the tone is on this ink. I don’t usually get excited about greys, but this ink is beautiful.

3 years ago

I love a good grey ink. My favorite so far is Diamine Earl Grey. I would love to see an interesting orange. I love Cornaline d’Egypt, Fire and Fire, Habanero, Indien Orange, Fireopal, Autmn Oak…is love to be introduced to a hidden gem beyond the common stuff out there!

Scott D
3 years ago

This is a clear and legible quick drying blue-grey. It’s certainly a welcome surprise.

3 years ago

Nice stackable bottle design. Great blue gray tone.

Geoffrey Dunn
3 years ago

Nice colour and great looking bottle!

Kevin Ward
3 years ago

Big bottle! I love the grey/blue hue – kind of RAF uniform!

3 years ago

Really love this blue grey! It has a great balance

Sara Hagen
3 years ago

Gorgeous color ink! I could really use this ink. It could become a new favorite.

Tyler Sylvester
3 years ago

I had no clue how big these bottles were. They’re beautiful. I’d love to see some lesser known/not as popular Robert Oster inks reviewed. Or 3 oysters.

Stuart Elman
3 years ago

I love the blue/gray color.

3 years ago

I love grey inks and this blue-grey looks great! Thanks for the opportunity to win the bottle and I’d love to see a review of some Taccia inks. How do they compare to Sailor inks?

Klarissa Maria
3 years ago

I would love to try this brand. Usually I’m not a grey tone person but this color intrigues me. I love ink shading the best and as a bonus point, the bottle is very pretty.

3 years ago

Delighted this ink is finally out. I contacted Scribo about releasing it ages ago. Woo hoo!

John Stein
3 years ago

That’s an awesome color, and a nice bottle. 90ml? Holy cow!

Stephanie S
3 years ago

Such a gorgeous blue-grey! How did you know I love that particular shade? I would, of course, love to win this… and I look forward to reviews of other Scribo inks with anticipation! 🙂

Zachery Greathouse
3 years ago

Big bottles! I love grey inks.

3 years ago

The Rosso Chianti and Verde Bosco would fill some empty spots in my ink collection.

3 years ago

Great color!

Lisa Hunerlach
3 years ago

The bottle design is lovely. I have a Scribo Feel 14K Broad flex. It really goes through the ink so 89 ml is a reasonable amount per bottle. If anyone out there has not yet written with a Scribo Fountain Pen-it’ll blow your mind! Do it!

3 years ago

It’s interesting to hear that the ink is sort of blue-grey and not blue-black

3 years ago

Nice color, cool bottle.