Sailor Jentle Ink is being discontinued

Sailor Jentle Ink is Being Discontinued

Recently we heard rumors that Sailor Jentle ink is being discontinued and decided to find out if the rumors are indeed true. After a little digging, we just got confirmation from our US Sailor distributor that the Sailor Jentle ink is being discontinued. Sailor will continue to the Sailor ink in the pigmented colors as well as the Sailor Jentle ink in the blues and blacks.

You may ask why? We asked the same question because these inks have been a very popular seller for Pen Chalet. The answer we received was: “The reason Sailor is discontinuing the Jentle Ink colors is because the worldwide demand has been dwindling and Sailor couldn’t justify the high minimum production.”

The Sailor Jentle Inks Being Discontinued

Sailor Jentle Ink is being discontinued

Sailor Jentle Ink in Epinard

The Sailor Jentle Ink colors that are being discontinued are:

  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Grenade -13-1000-253
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Sky High -13-1000-241
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Epinard -13-1000-260
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Ultra Marine -13-1000-250
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Apricot -13-1000-273
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Peche -13-1000-231

If you are a fan of the current Sailor Jentle inks being discontinued you may want to stock up. Pen Chalet has a limited selection of the Sailor Jentle inks still in stock.

New Sailor Jentle Ink Colors

New Sailor Jentle Ink Colors available July 2014

New Sailor Jentle Ink Colors

Sailor is refreshing the Jentle ink line with new colors and we just received our first shipment of the new colors! We have not received confirmation of the exact release date on the new inks but here is a teaser. In the image you can see the corresponding ink color with the names of the inks.

  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Doyou – 13-1005-206
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Miruai – 13-1005-204
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Nioi-Sumire – 13-1005-203
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Oku-Yama – 13-1005-208
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Shigure – 13-1005-201
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Souten – 13-1005-205
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Yama-Dori – 13-1005-207
  • Sailor Jentle Ink – Tokiwa-Matsu – 13-1005-202
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9 years ago

You guys are the best! I ordered Epinard and Ultramarine from Pen Chalet Saturday June 7 around 2pm, — not only are you one of the only merchants in the US that still had them in stock, but you sold it at a discount, with free 2 day shipping, and got the order out same day on a Saturday! The order arrived today (Monday the 9th).

Thank you so much!

9 years ago

I like the new colors, though I will miss the old. Will the price change?