Platinum Balance Fountain Pen

Platinum Balance Fountain Pen Review & Giveaway!

Welcome back! We hope everyone was able to benefit from our Easter Sale! This week we’re bringing you a pen that is a higher end starter pen. The Platinum Balance Fountain Pen is definitely an underrated pen for the great quality that it is.

Continue reading below for your chance to win the Platinum Balance Fountain Pen that we used in this review.


Platinum Balance Fountain Pen Review

Platinum Balance Fountain Pen Review

The Platinum Balance Fountain Pen is available in seven unique colors. Pictured in this review is the Cool Clear demonstrator version of the pen. Because it is a resin pen it is a pretty lightweight pen. The clip and accents are both rhodium, however other colors may have gold trim. On the bottom of the cap is a rhodium band with Platinum engraved on it.


Ringing in at $54.00 USD (MSRP) one of the most attractive qualities about the  Platinum Balance Pen is the price tag. That low price qualifies this pen as a starter pen, however it is definitely at the higher end of the starter pen category. It comes with a either a silver or gold colored stainless steel nib depending on the trim color. Platinum pens all use proprietary cartridges and converters, however you can use the Platinum Cartridge Adapter to use International Standard Cartridges. The Balance Pen comes with a Platinum Cartridge, but does not come with a Platinum Converter. Adding a Platinum ink converter will allow you to use any bottled ink you would like with the pen.


For this review, we used Organics Studio Ernest Hemingway – Santiago Sea Blue ink. As well, we used the Cool Clear Platinum Balance Fountain Pen with a fine nib. As Platinum is a Japanese brand, the fine nib here is a little more fine than your typical Western nib. Even though it is a fine nib, we were able to get a little shading and plenty of sheening with the Ernest Hemingway ink. The nib itself was true to Platinum’s reputation for great quality. Writing with the Balance Pen was smooth and delightful.


In conclusion, if you do not already have a Platinum Balance Fountain Pen, we highly recommend that you get one for your collection. If you do already have one in your collection, get one for a friend, and start them down this great rabbit hole. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you can stay on top of everything that’s happening here at Pen Chalet. Comment below with your thoughts, and what you think we should review next!


Platinum Balance Fountain Pen Review

Platinum Balance Fountain Pen Review

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Amy R

Very clean look as a demonstrator. Would love to try out a Platinum brand pen.

bonnie jean woolger

I love clear pens! No mystery of when I am out of ink 🙂

Karisa Miller

this is fantastic! thank you 🙂 love demonstrators!!!

eric aycock

I would like to see a comparison of document inks

Diane Foster Lee

Thanks for the review. I have one Platinum 3776 pen in a soft fine and really enjoy it. I don’t hear about the Platinum Balance much, so I very much appreciate your review and the affordability of this pen.

Rebecca Wright

I love demonstrators!!


Omg I want it

Deborah Roggie

My favorite ink – Noodler’s Ottoman Azure. Runner up – J. Herbin Cacao du Bresil.


This is such a beautiful demonstrator

matthew fitzgerald

Thanks for the giveaway. Cool pen. Any flex in the nib?

Ged Alangui

Great review on the Platinum Balance. My fave ink is Diamine Ancient Copper.


Nice pen (and wow that ink!)!! I have a lot of cheap pens and this one is tempting for someone who can’t afford the higher end ones and loves fountain pens.


I have liked this pen for a while…


Thanks for the review. My favorite ink is any shade of pink.


This pen would look nice in my collection 🙂

Bob Kallotte

Thanks for the giv-a-way !

Koryn Tarver

My favorite ink is anything bright!

Mark Nelson

This quite the opportunity along with a great review.

Ron Parish

Good afternoon. I would like you to review of KWZ IG inks. You could compare several inks which fit that category.


Very modern and minimalist demonstrator.


Really nice pen!

Scott DiGello

I’m pleased that it comes with a converter, my 3776 didn’t and it’s hard to find them in stores.

sonny veneracion

exquisite.I want one! ;p


Demonstrators are so lovely! I’ve never tried a Platinum pen before, but it looks gorgeous

David Knapp

I’d like to see a review of the Pilot Varsity (and/or other disposable fountain pens).

Emily jensen

Looks like a great pen!

Dan Goldman

More demonstrators! From beginners & inexpensive to top of the line!

Geoffrey Dunn

A nice demonstrator from a good brand and at a reasonable price!

vicki nishioka

I love the Cool Balances… own 4 of them. So I won’t enter the drawing cuz I’m not a hoarder :). They are SO underrated/overlooked. Excellent build for a $50 pen and the stainless steel nibs actually offer a hint of line variation (super semi-flex). I like how they write better than the next level 3776 soft fine, which I found bouncy but no line variation at all. My only wish for the Balance is eyedropper-ability… the exposed metal connection of the grip section to the body makes them not eyedropper convertible, which is a shame for such a lovely… Read more »


Looks like a great fountain pen!!


Never had a clear pen! I would love to see my Emerald Of Chivor in it!

Nardja Segui

Looks like a fun pen to own!


Clean, sharp looking pen


That’s a wonderful pen !!

L M English

Thanks for a chance to win – looks like a great pen.
I like blue/black inks, in general.

Margot C

That looks like such a cool pen. I can’t think of an ink that I want you to review. Maybe I’ll use this forum to complain just a tiny bit. I have some Kaweko cartridges that I use in my medium nibbed All-Sport. I love that pen and I have two of them; one that I take with me in my purse. Maybe I’m just not experienced enough, but I don’t want to have the converter in my expensive purse for fear of it failing and making a mess. So, for that one pen only (of the eight fountain pens… Read more »

Jeff Sears

Beautiful demonstrator pen. A great addition to any collection, and perfect for showing off your ink

Beth A. Fralix

I really like this Balance Demonstrator! It’s awesome! Great giveaway!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

Beth A. Fralix

I really like this Balance Demonstrator! It’s awesome! Great giveaway!! God Bless You!!

Craig Arthur

I’d love to see some waterproof inks

Andrew Mulnix

Robert Oster Aussie Gold

Michael Elson

Love to watch the ink slosh around!


I used to hear this talked about a lot in reference to its bouncy nib and line variation, but you didn’t reference that in this review. Is this no longer the case?


Favorite ink – Monteverde Capri blue


Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Nice review and both pen and ink enticement! I would like you to do a review comparing sheening inks.

Steve Taylor

Need to try one of these. Love demonstrators and love that ink!

Toni C

I’m new to fountain pens and this is a great review. I’d really love a Cool Balance (and thanks to Vicki as well for the recommendation). Also love the Ernest Hemingway ink!


I love demonstrators.


This is a pen I’ve had on my wish list for a very long time, but something always manages to nudge it down the list. Would love to have a crack at this one!