How to ink your Pineider Avatar UR fountain pen in forest green

Pineider Avatar UR in Forest Green: The Perfect Spring Fountain Pen Release?

Time for another deep dive feature of one of our favorite new Spring fountain pen releases and the Pineider Avatar UR in Forest Green. In fact, according to our guest reviewer, The Pen Gangsta this might be the “perfect” fountain pen for Spring 2020. Read on for more info (or watch the full review below if your brain is tired and you want someone to spoon feed you all the little details you want to hear about a pen before you decide to add it to your must-have fountain pen list.

Our Guest Reviewer: The Pen Gangsta

Today’s Pen Chalet guest reviewer is The Pen Gangsta (a.k.a. @pen_gangsta – you may also know her by her secret alias, Vanessa Langton, but regardless, she’s a trusted source for all things fountain pen). Vanessa is an art historian by day who adores all things fountain pen and fountain pen ink related, and embraces a lot of hobbies that keep fountain pens and inks front and center in her day-to-day life. She shares her quarantine life with a few non-fountain pen fans that you’ll probably meet (or hear) in her video reviews. (Quarantine problems, am I right?). We really appreciate her straight forward review style. We hope you do, too!

*You can see the Pineider Avatar UR fountain pen in forest green on the far left above. It’s the latest addition to our guest reviewers impressive collection of green fountain pens. And now, on to the review. In the words of our reviewer:

Unboxing the Pineider Avatar UR Fountain Pen: the Meet Cute

I got a new pen in the mail today. Pineider pens arrive in a green, cardboard box and at the very top it has the logo embossed. Take off the lid, and inside is the pen with some literature included. It’s so pretty. The presentation is simple (as opposed to the presentation they used to give with the little box that looked like a desktop that came with the stationery samples). I have to admit that I miss the stationery samples coming with these because I looked forward to that. But I do understand this is probably a little more economical for the company and you can still get that little desk box with the stationery with some of their higher-priced pens.

It’s Only Polite to Stare When You’re Staring at a New Pen:

Taking a look at the pen outside of the box, you immediately notice the beautiful attention to detail. It’s got the spring-loaded clip that’s also a beautiful representation of a feather quill. I believe Dante Delvecchio is actually referencing writing of the past when people wrote with feather quills. I think it’s a beautiful addition to the pen. There are buildings around this cap and also the brand name Pineider. The buildings are meant to represent the skyline of Florence.

Checking Out the Nib and Favorite Design Elements:

Pull off the cap (it’s magnetic) and you can get a look at the Avatar UR’s nib. I got a medium nib. And it does have a metal section with a bit of flair here – probably to help guide your fingers along. The pen can also be posted – it is not magnetic like the La Grande Bellezza, but it is a friction post and stays on very well. It’s really a beautiful pen – the forest green is a great color for Spring. At the end of the Avatar UR fountain pen, there’s also this silver bulb-like part – it matches the pen’s silver trim. Pineider pens also come with a converter; which is awesome.

Getting to Know the Pineider Avatar UR Designer: Dante Delvecchio

All the Pineider Avatars were designed by famous designer, Dante Delvecchio. Some of the details on the pen are really some of his hallmarks like the spring-loaded clip, the feather representation (we see that in some of his other designs). I think he did a really good job with this pen.

Did You Know the Pineider Avatar UR Fountain Pen Was Made WITHOUT Glue?

The really cool thing about Pineider pens or this particular Pineider Pen, the Pineider UR pen when it was created, they used absolutely no glue, so a lot of these pieces, I guess they’re put together using friction…or…I don’t know, but I’ve had other Pineider pens in the past that when the cap is on, this tends to spin, but I think they fixed that problem so it doesn’t spin around or anything. This is a really solid pen – really nice. I’m really impressed with it. I can’t wait to ink this pen up and start writing with it.

Watch the Full Review for a Pineider Avatar UR Writing Sample with Twsbi Emerald Green

Watch the full video to see our reviewer ink the Pineider Avatar UR fountain pen with Twsbi Emerald Green fountain pen ink and then put the pen to paper for a writing sample. She chose Twsbi Emerald Green because on an ink swatch, it matched the pen perfectly. We hope you enjoyed this fountain pen review video and learned a little about the Pineider Avatar UR fountain pen. For more information visit

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