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New Van Dieman’s Ink Series + Updates to 50ml Ink Bottles

You may have already heard that there’s a new Van Dieman’s Collection coming out…and we expect it any minute! In addition to the exciting new ink series (more info below), the Australian ink maker also made an update to the way they package their 50ml fountain pen inks.

New Ink Release: Van Dieman’s Night Ink Collection

Look for the Van Dieman’s Night inks – coming soon to the Pen Chalet inventory!

The Van Dieman’s Night Collection inks are 50ml inks inspired by the NIGHT! The Van Dieman’s Midnight Series that focused more on the spooky, scary aspects of the night hours is discontinued. The Night Collection is replacing the Midnight Series and will include three of the most popular inks from the original Midnight ink series (reformulated and drastically improved) along with 13 all NEW inks featuring exciting innovations that Van Dieman’s can’t wait to see you try out.

More About the New Van Dieman’s Night Ink Series:

The new Night ink series features inks made from 99% Australian sourced ingredients. Each of the inks is made by hand, and features higher quality shimmers to provide better flow, more even distribution, and better adherence, and in the case of one of the new Van Dieman’s inks, an iridescent quality you won’t want to miss. With the Van Dieman’s Night inks, fountain pen enthusiasts will also benefit from new dyes that generate interesting chromatography, and stellar sheening effects. The Night Collection is full of BIG performers from monster sheening inks to inks that push the limits of saturation as well as some super-light shading inks with incredible ink flow.

The New Van Dieman’s 50ml Ink Bottle and Packaging:

Alongside the announcement of the new Van Dieman’s Night series, the company also shared that they engineered a new wadding that leaves the plastic wadding previously used in their 50ml ink bottles unnecessary. The company heard all your feedback about inky fingers connected to the irksome stoppers, and they put in the time to come up with an alternate solution. They happily announced that Van Dieman’s 50ml ink bottles now come WITHOUT stoppers! Instead, the 50ml ink bottle caps have exceptionally well-designed wadding to prevent leaks in transit and in storage. They passed along a big “thank you” to all those who got in touch with feedback about the stoppers. Hopefully, you check out the Van Dieman’s Night inks featuring the newly updated ink bottle/cap design. Let us know if you prefer the new design to the previous setup. If you haven’t yet tried this particular ink brand, you can see the currently available Van Dieman’s inks at

new van diemans ink
Featured in the image: Van Dieman’s Underwater ink series and Rhodia ICE top staple notebooks.

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