Ink Miser Inkwells

Introducing New Ink Miser Inkwells

Introducing Luxury Brands of America’s newest additions: Ink Miser Inkwells in two different models, the Intra-Bottle and Ink Shot. If you’ve ever had trouble getting the last few drops of ink out of your bottle, Luxury Brands’ Ink Miser products can help remove these frustrations and help you get the most out of your ink bottle!

Ink Miser Inkwells – Intra-bottle

Ink Miser Intra-bottle Inkwell with Cap

Ink Miser Intra-bottle Inkwell with Cap

The Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell is designed to fit inside fountain pen ink bottles. By placing the inkwell into the bottle, twisting the bottle cap over the lip of the Ink Miser Intra-Bottle, turning the bottle over to fill up the inkwell, and flipping it back over, you can dip your fountain pen into the inkwell that has collected the fountain pen ink and draw up the remaining ink from your bottle into your pen. With this, the Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell decreases the potential of stagnating pen ink. The Ink Miser Intra-Bottle was specifically designed for the Noodlers 3 oz bottles, but will work with other fountain ink bottles as well such as Monteverde, Aurora and others.

Ink Miser Inkwells – Ink-shot

Ink Miser Ink-shot Inkwell with Eye Dropper

Ink Miser Ink-shot Inkwell with Eye Dropper

The Ink Miser Ink-Shot Inkwell is designed with the same purpose as the Intra-Bottle Inkwell – to get the last drop of ink out of your ink bottle and into your pen. For ink bottles where the Intra-Bottle will not fit use the Ink Miser Ink-shot and the included eyedropper. The Ink-Shot Inkwell is made of durable plastic that will not scratch your fountain pens or nibs and an eyedropper functioning for easy ink transfers. It stands up straight, allowing you to refill your fountain pen with ease. When your ink bottle runs low, use the included eyedropper to transfer the little bit of ink left into the inkwell, and dip your pen to draw up the ink. Not only does the Ink Miser Ink-Shot allow for you to get the most out of your fountain pen ink, but it also aids in cleaning your fountain pen and mixing inks together.

See more information and demonstrations in the videos below. Order your Ink Miser Inkwells today, and never waste a drop of ink again!

Ink Miser Inkwells – Videos

Ink Miser Intra-bottle Inkwell Instructions

Ink Miser Ink-Shot Inkwell Instructions