Enter to Win a Lamy Safari, a Bottle of Lamy Ink, & a Lamy LZ24 Converter!

Enter to Win a Lamy Safari, a Bottle of Lamy Ink, & a Lamy LZ24 Converter from Pen Chalet! This is the perfect starter kit or just fun to have if you are a fountain pen addict. The Lamy Safari is a great fountain pen and who wouldn’t want to win one right?

The Lamy company is a German brand which makes some high quality, high precision writing instruments. Lamy creates more than 6 million writing instruments each year. If you haven’t experienced a Lamy fountain pen this is a great opportunity. So what are you waiting for, enter to win a Lamy Safari today!

Entering is easy. Simply enter your email address below and your in. Increase your chances dramatically with additional options that will appear after you join the mailing list. These additional entries include: like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, tweet about our contest, follow us on pinterest or pin an item. The more you do the better chance you have of winning.

The contest will end Monday August 18th at 9 PM Pacific time so enter now and good luck.

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120 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Lamy Safari, a Bottle of Lamy Ink, & a Lamy LZ24 Converter!

  1. originallittlemermaid@gmail.com'Deborah Smith

    I’ve always loved fountain pens, but just recently decided to dive into the world of ownership. What a lovely pen and ink to start my collection.

  2. danielle_crisp@hotmail.co.uk'Danielle C

    I would love to win a Lamy Pen because there is nothing better than writing with good old fashioned pen and ink! Whether it is a note, letter or a story, nothing beats the written word!

  3. mail.ws.ong@gmail.com'Wilson Ong

    Always liked using fountain pens. My favourite one so far is a Lamy-AL and i think this neon safari will be a wonderful addition to my collection! 🙂

  4. cooper@swva.net'Gini

    I’d love to win because that green Lamy is so beautiful and i could take it to work without fear that someone would walk off with it.

  5. andreakkk@yahoo.co.uk'Andrea Kirkby

    I have a lot of tasteful fountain pens, like the Lamy 2000 (black, steel) or Lamy Accent (black) or Lamy Joy (black)… I think I need the yellow neon to lighten up a bit!

  6. khamsin64@gmail.com'dietrich

    I’ve used fountain pens for decades and only recently discovered Lamy pens. They are so wonderful, they’ve replaced my vintage Sheaffers and Parkers. Thanks for the giveaway. Love your site.

  7. karenyao2003@hotmail.com'Karen Y.

    Lamys are great, reliable entry-level fountain pens. One can never have too many of them!
    I would also love to try some Lamy inks!

  8. xerxes931@gmail.com'Janusz

    I’d like to win this fountain pen because I’m a big fan of Lamy pens, and I don’t have this one in my collection.

  9. gibb.mike@gmail.com'Mike

    My wife has been a long-time admirer of fountain pens and her birthday is coming up. I can’t afford to buy her one but this would make the most awesome birthday gift. She’d be so happy!

  10. k_lyn_b@hotmail.com'Katie Lyn

    What a nice giveaway! I love my Lamy Vista which is just the clear version of the Safari. Wouldn’t mind having another one, or letting my father try this out.

  11. patrick.tabatcher@gmail.com'Patrick T

    I’d love all three. Have three Safaris already. Would love another one… especially in such a cool color.

  12. charmedlife2006@yahoo.com'Shelley

    I love fountain pens. I have a few inexpensive ones and would like to add a nicer one to my collection. That is why this is such a great giveaway!

  13. Molliqua@gmail.com'Molly

    I would love to win because I want to try to start writing with fountain pens but don’t know where to begin!

  14. annazed10@yahoo.com'Margot C

    OK I admit that I would love to win this because I have such a thing for pens and actual handwriting vs texting and word processing. That pen is so attractive and I’ve never seen it in a store.

  15. lizanakata@yahoo.com'Liz N.

    I would love to win because I love the Lamy brand period! It’s my workhouse and one can never have too many in my opinion!

  16. dianaryman@gmail.com'Diana Ryman

    I had no idea what I was missing until I bought my first fountain pen – a Lamy Safari! Wonderful instrument! I’d like one in every color now!

  17. saraa@sbcglobal.net'Sara A

    I am a pen addict plain and simple. I believe that a person can never have enough pens (or inks). Thank you for the chance. ^_^

  18. Lilardie@yahoo.com'Ardis

    I love the color and I don’t have it yet. I also don’t have any bottled Lamy ink, so it is the perfect prize!!

  19. jolxstein@hotmail.com'Jolene Steinhorst

    I love calligraphy and writing with fountain pens but haven’t had a nice one for a long time. This would be great!

  20. donna_freedman@hotmail.com'Donna Freedman

    I’d like to win because handwritten letters are so rare these days. I could use the prize to write a love letter to my sweetheart.

  21. sbutterfield207@gmail.com'Steve Butterfield

    I want to win because one can never have too many Safaris kicking around 😉 Plus I’ve never tried Lamy ink!

  22. walafleurs@sbcglobal.net'Inner Prop

    I would love to win. I have just begun my pen collection with a single Lamy Al Star, and I would love to have ink and a converter.

  23. goldfixe@gmail.com'Mike Harris

    I’ve always had cartridge based FP’s and I’d love to learn the inking process. Plus Lamy’s are a classic design that still looks new.

  24. earthgirl22@gmail.com'Leanne

    I am feeling called to try and was led to this site. And then the extraordinary color beckoned further. Thank you for the opportunity!


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