The Fountain Pen Infographic – A General View of Fountain Pens

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Details of the Fountain Pen Infographic

Fountain pens can be a bit confusing when you are first getting started. In order to better explain the anatomy of a fountain pen we have created a simple fountain pen infographic. This infographic details the basics of fountain pens from a general level. Within the infographic are some of the most common brands, expected MSRP retail pricing, history of the pen as well as the anatomy of the fountain pen and nib.

We have spent a lot of time creating this infographic and hope you find it useful. We have also included some basic html code so that you can embed the fountain pen infographic within your blog, website or other locations and share it with others. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments please let us know, just use the comments form below.

Pen Chalet gathered the information used for this infographic from various sources. Below we have explained more in depth about the various items included.

Fountain Pen MSRP The prices for the fountain pens included are the full suggested retail price by each manufacturer. We simply chose some of our top selling fountain pens.

    • The Sailor 1911 Black Luster Fountain Pen incorporates popular features from other Sailor 1911 fountain pens including the ion plated black colored gold nib found on the Sailor Imperial Black fountain pen, the 1911 FL’s weighted metallic grip, and the high gloss finish found on other Sailor 1911 fountain pens. The Sailor 1911 Black Luster fountain pen is made in Japan and Pen Chalet sells the fountain pen for $441.00.
    • The Pelikan 200 fountain pen is a great mid-range writing instrument if you are looking for a gold nib. Pelikan is a one of our top selling brands and the quality of their pens shows why. Pelikan offers a free nib exchange within the first 30 days after you receive your pen. If you do not like the nib size they will change it for another one. The Pelikan 200 fountain pen comes with gold nib and gold colored accents and sold on Pen Chalet for $132.00.
    • The Lamy AL Star fountain pen is a great low to mid range pen made from an aluminum body and cap with a stainless steel nib. Lamy is a top leading German brand with a lot of popularity. The Lamy AL Star sells for $37.60 at Pen Chalet.
    • The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen is one of the best entry level fountain pens on the market. Pilot is Japanese brand and is known for their excellent nib quality. They are one of the top brands in the world. The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen retails at Pen Chalet for only $15.00.

Fountain Pen Brands There is no way we could include every brand of fountain pen. We tried to incorporate the most popular fountain pen brands in a “tag cloud” with the larger, more popular brands in larger fonts.

Fountain Pen Timeline Interesting dates within the history of the fountain pen.

Fountain Pen Anatomy Centered on the infographic is a Pelikan Souveran fountain pen in red. We have referenced the popular pen items with tags including the pen barrel, nib, cap and clip.

Feed System Anatomy This section of the infographic shows the details of the ink feed system for a fountain pen picturing a demonstrator style pen. The feed system delivers the ink from the cartridge, converter, ore reservoir to the nib and onto the paper.

All About the Nib Detailed anatomy of the fountain pen nib as well as common nib materials and sizes. Gold and stainless steel are probably the most common materials currently used in making nibs. The material has changed over time such as during WWII when some materials where used for war. Gold is often thought to be the best material for nibs but there are some quality fountain pens with stainless steel.

The nib size references the width of the nib. An extra fine nib will create a thinner line than a broad or a stub nib. Narrower nibs however have less line variation, or thickness variation with writing different directions.This line width and line variation is shown next each nib size on the chart. Nib sizes shown are:

  • Extra Fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad
  • Stub
  • Italic
  • Oblique

The widest nibs are stub, italic, and oblique and create the largest line variation. The difference between them are a stub nib is slightly rounded creating smoother, easy writing but not as sharp of edges. An italic nib has sharp edges with no rounding for a sharper line but these edges can catch the paper. The oblique nib is cut at an angle so one tine is longer than the other for a more subtle line variation.

We hope this infographic will help share the common elements of a fountain pen and give you a better understanding. Fountain pens create a unique and fun writing experience that no other type of writing instrument can achieve.

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9 years ago

Nice job! Thanks for your efforts.


Corporate Gifts
9 years ago

Very Nice Blog about Pens mainly the pens which you have shown in the pictures are awesome.

Victor Stewart
9 years ago

Nice graphic. As a graphic design teacher you’ve given me an idea for a student project ! Do you happen to sell this as a poster? Thanks.