private reserve infinity inks

Do Private Reserve Infinity Inks Really Work?

Yair Greenberg, owner of Yafa Brands, and Yafa’s Project Manager, Kat, recently sat down to discuss the recently released Infinity Inks from one of the brands, Private Reserve. The Private Reserve Infinity inks feature a brand new, exclusive Extended Cap Off Formula (or ECO Formula). What does that mean for fountain pen users and artists out there wondering what makes this ink so special?

Infinity Ink’s ECO Formula: Game Changing Technology for Ink Fans

The ECO formula takes the worry about leaving the ink exposed to air out of the equation. Infinity inks do not respond the same as all the other inks available in the industry. Their ECO formula means leaving your fountain pen uncapped no longer has to mean lost ink (ink evaporation is depressing), dried ink, and clogged feeding systems. According to years of research and testing, when your fountain pen is filled with Private Reserve Infinity ink, you can uncap it and not worry about putting that cap back on even if you set the pen aside for a minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. But what about several hours? You CAN in fact, leave your fountain pen uncapped for hours and hours (infinity, you might say) as long as you are picking it up now and then and writing something. Of course, you need to see that for yourself, so here’s the Private Reserve Infinity Green ink in action.

Watch the Timed Test Showing Private Reserve Infinity Green Ink’s Cap Off Performance:

If you’re intrigued, you aren’t alone. Before you dive in and order the entire set of six available Infinity ink colors, hear what Yafa had to say about the exciting release:

Yafa Brands on Private Reserve Infinity Inks’ Extended Cap Off Formula:

If you haven’t tried it yet – we suggest you consider it. We’ve never seen anything like this introduced on the market and it’s impressive. (We DID test it ourselves and saw similar results to those shown with the Private Reserve Infinity Green ink in the 1st video featured above). If you HAVE tried the Private Reserve Infinity inks – we want to hear what you think! And so does Yafa Brands and Private Reserve. While they spent years testing and researching – there’s nothing like user feedback, so please, feel free to share your thoughts and comments and we’ll make sure to pass them along.

Private Reserve Infinity Ink Basics:

  • Release: Summer 2021
  • Size: 60 ml ink bottle
  • Colors: 6 colors in the series (as of Aug. 2021)
  • Stand Out Feature: E.C.O. Formula (Extended Cap Off Formula)

If you have something to share about the Private Reserve Infinity inks or if you have any questions – leave a comment! If you’re looking to get some of your own or if you just want to browse for some of your other favorite pen and ink brands, visit us at