3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa Ink Bottle

3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa Ink

3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa Ink is one of 8 new colors in the Korean 3 Oysters I. Color.U series of inks. 3 Oyster ink company is a new ink company recently introduced here in American with 3 distinct series of inks, all of which we now offer.

The first 3 Oysters ink is the HJME series (Hun Min Jeon Eum) which has 3 basic Korean inspired ink colors. This ink is housed in a smaller 18 ml. glass bottle. 3 oysters Delicious ink series comes in a larger 38 ml. glass bottle and contains 10 distinct colors motivated by Korean foods and fashion. Lastly, 3 Oysters I.Color.U ink series are based upon colors represented throughout the Korean Capital City of Seoul. Each 3 Oysters series are fantastic with great colors. They are all pH neutral, making them safe for most fountain pens and water-based.

3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink is a nice dark green color reminiscent of traditional Korean tiles located in the city of Seoul. 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink is not a forest green or an olive green color. We would classify it something in between, a dark interesting unique green color.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink we used for this review.

3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa Ink

3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa Ink

During our review of 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink we noticed the following traits, which you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

During our review we used a French made J. Herbin glass dip pen on French made Rhodia dot pad paper. The glass dip pen has a tip that may be similar to a medium-fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink comes in a nice mid sized 38 ml. glass square bottle. Each heavy weighted display bottle has the one corner “sliced off” allowing the bottle to lean on an angle, ideal for filling a pen with those last few drops of ink. The design is unique and functional, the bottle nice and weighted. The octagonal lid has a large opening with an easy to grip shape. Each bottle is well packaged with foam protecting both the top and bottom of the bottle. The packaging is well done and very professional. Lastly, the label located on the bottle reflects the Giwa name in English, Japanese and of course Korean.


3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink is a mid ranged priced ink retailing for $18.00 in the USA.

Dry Time

During our review of 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink we found a reasonably quick dry time of approximately 7-8 seconds.

Bleed Through

Using Rhodia paper for our review we found absolutely no bleeding while using 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink. Even during our cotton swab test, which uses an extreme amount of ink on the paper, we found no bleeding.


During normal use, we noticed no feathering using 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink. However, during our water test, we did see some slight feathering, but only at the wettest portion of the test.

Water Test

During our review of 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink we conducted a water test where we ran a wet cotton swab over an ink sample that has dried for about 3 minutes. The results of this test were: significant color smearing, slight feathering, no additional bleeding and pretty legible lines. These results are not unusual for non-waterproof ink.


3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink is a nice dark green color that will shade nicely with the proper nib and writing style. There is a possibility for dark greens, lighter olive type green with a few in-between colors.

Conclusions about 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink

I.Color.U Giwa ink is one of the 8 colors of Korea that 3 Oysters has created. The nice green color is dark and functional for either home or office use. It has a reasonably quick dry time and nice shading possibilities. The price is reasonable, the packaging and glass bottle definitely nice and appealing. Overall, this is a nice ink color and we are excited about offering 3 Oyster inks to our loyal customers. Happy writing from South Korea!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of 3 Oysters I.Color.U Giwa ink that we used in this ink review:

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Mark Junk
5 years ago

Interesting new option in ink.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mark Junk

pretty ink and I think the photo is quite clever. love it!

Ron Parish
5 years ago

As always, I would like to see reviews of some of the old standby inks, not necessarily all the new inks. Yes, the new ones are wonderful and I would love to try them, but the old standbys are interesting, too.

Aaron McVicker
5 years ago

Beautiful color!

5 years ago

Great color of green !!

Scott DiGello
5 years ago

That’s a good dry time and unique color of green.

5 years ago

I would like to see a review of Birmingham Forbes Field Green, 30mL from Birmingham Pen Company.

5 years ago

This is a really unique color! I would say it’s a dark greyish-green. Very interesting!

Julio Mazariegos
5 years ago

Great colors and beautiful bottles. I thanks for the review and giveaway

5 years ago

Thanks for the review. Always interesting to find out about new inks.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Makes me think of Noodler’s Zhivago… I love it.

Cyriacus Okolie
5 years ago

I would really love to try this.

Nya Hue
5 years ago

This actually reminds me of that film with three seashells… But I like the ink!

S. Park
5 years ago

I’d love to see a review of 3 Oysters Hwangto.

Heather Burke
5 years ago

I love the bottle on this ink! Its a fantastic design.

5 years ago

Nice green color. Nice bottle. Never used Korean ink. Fun!

Patrick E Tinney
5 years ago

I love dark greens. Noodler’s Zhivago is one of go to inks. This ink looks like a great companion.

Geoffrey Dunn
5 years ago

Thanks very much for the chance to try one of these intriguing new inks from Korea!

Andrew Mulnix
5 years ago

This ink looks great

Fei Alangui
5 years ago

These are lovely ❤️

Ged Alangui
5 years ago

Thanks for this chance. I haven’t tried any of these inks from Korea yet. My current favorite ink is Diamine Lapis Lazuli.

5 years ago

A very different shade of green I’d like to try.

5 years ago

I haven’t heard much about 3 Oyster’s ink offerings, but that is a very strong dark grey-green tone. I really like the messy texture possibilities from the non-waterproof quality too. I can only imagine how it would look if I was to draw with it.

I’ve noticed more inks coming in from Korea. Is there any reason why? I think it would be nice to see more ink products from newer companies like Colorverse and 3 Oysters.

Elise Sorge
5 years ago

I just bought my first bottle of Diamine Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink and would love to see a review with some tips and hints on how to get the most out of this shimmering ink.

Sara Hagen
5 years ago

3 Oysters ink looks interesting and fun. I’m interested in winning this ink because I like green inks.

Dan Clague
5 years ago

Really dig this color. Could use at office.

Beth K Keithly
5 years ago

Can you do their cool gray next? I am still questing for an ink that looks like the same color as pencil lead.

Joshua Montanez
5 years ago

A little bit basic, but im still in love with alt goldgrun

matthew fitzgerald
5 years ago

Looks like it might be dark enough to pass as a black ink at work.

Theresa Davey
5 years ago

I look forward to trying this green in the future. Such a lovely color.

5 years ago

Love that color!

4 years ago

I like this color – it looks more like khaki at least on my screen. As a person who draws with a fountain pen, I am always looking for inks that have the good re-wetting quality that this does. I hope I win, but I think I’ll be picking up some bottles! I wish this came in the 18 ml size, too!