2020 pen gifts for the holidays

2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide: Top 5 Affordable Fountain Pens

Ready to get to know the Top 5 affordable fountain pens of 2020? Time is of the essence. The holiday season is upon us, and many of you are already making your lists and checking them twice. What are you getting for your favorite pen fans this year? Are you looking for a specific type of fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint pen for someone on your “gifts to buy” list? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of our 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide articles, including top 5 lists, “best of 2020 pens” in popular categories, and best deals on specific types of pens. Let the gift-giving begin!

Pen Chalet’s 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide:

To help you make the holiday gift shopping process as streamlined as possible, we’re going to publish lists of popular pen gifts for you right here at PenChalet.com. Welcome to the first installation of the 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide featuring the top 5 affordable fountain pens that make a great gift.

Searching for a Great Beginner Fountain Pen or Affordable Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens make great gifts. If you’re giving a fountain pen to a friend, family member, client, or co-worker who has never used a fountain pen before, remember that some fountain pens are better for beginners. Consider our top picks for starter fountain pens or beginner fountain pens based on both staff picks and customer ratings and reviews. Most popular beginner fountain pens are both inexpensive and easy to work with right out of the box. Now, on to today’s Holiday Gift Guide feature: the Top 5 Affordable Fountain Pens of 2020!

Top 5 Affordable Fountain Pens of 2020:

  1. Kaweco Student fountain pen: a small, but not pocket-sized, cartridge converter fountain pen that’s fun to write with and made in Germany. It’s also available in a variety of great colors. The Kaweco Student fountain pen is a great affordable option if you’re looking for a German fountain from a well-respected pen manufacturer without a hefty price tag.
  2. Diplomat Traveller fountain pen: a sleek, slim cartridge converter fountain pen with a postable snap cap that is a very smooth writer right from the start. This is a great “more affordable” pen that exhibits a lot of what people love about more expensive Diplomat fountain pen models like the Diplomat Aero and Diplomat Excellence A fountain pen.
  3. Platinum Prefounte fountain pen: This smart and casual pen design is one of the most affordable options out there, and it comes with slip and seal technology that will keep your fountain pen from drying out (with the cap on) for a year.
  4. Conklin Coronet fountain pen: Minimalist and modern, the Conklin Coronet fountain pen’s glossy pearlized finish is entirely stunning. The pen is a good size and pretty hefty; a comfortable writer with a JOWO nib. It’s an excellent choice for a great value fountain pen and is currently on special at PenChalet.com.
  5. Monteverde Aldo Domani fountain pen: Featured in discount specials that make it even more affordable at PenChalet.com, the Monteverde Aldo Domani fountain pen also comes with a JOWO nib. An affordable AND dependable choice, this classically styled fountain pen is known for having good ink flow and writes smoothly even after a few days of being left capped.

You may have noticed that our holiday gift guide feature pictures above didn’t include the Diplomat Traveller, and that’s only fair because it’s the only one we’re going to give a video feature. Did you see the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen review with the Pen Gangsta? If not, here’s another chance:

Avoid Holiday Shipping Delays: Get Your Affordable Fountain Pens & Gifts Early

Let the holiday shopping commence! No, we’re not kidding. The typical holiday shipping bottlenecks will be exacerbated by social distancing requirements in place at many shipping facilities and distribution centers, so it’s more important than ever that pen enthusiasts get their holiday pen gifts early this year.

Looking for the most affordable fountain pens so you can make sure you get something amazing for all the people you love the most this holiday season? Or just hoping to get your hands on some additions to your own fountain pen collection before 2020 comes to a close? Either way, we have the prices you want on the fountain pens you’ve been eyeing. Watch for the next update to the Pen Chalet 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide – coming soon! And as always, find your 2020 holiday pen gifts, affordable fountain pens, and the best stocking stuffers at PenChalet.com.