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Robert Oster

Robert Oster Golden Brown Ink Review & Giveaway

Robert Oster continues to add inks to their Australian palette of colors. With the release of several new colors this spring including Robert Oster Golden Brown Ink, they have more than 70 colors available. As you can imagine with 70+ colors of inks, Golden Brown is a variation of a typical brown color ink. [caption id="attachment_2393"

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Organics Studio Ink

Organics Studio Oscar’s Copper Ink Review & Giveaway!

The Organics Studio Oscar’s Copper Ink is named after Tyler’s Australian Shepherd “Oscar”. It is a beautiful coppery red color. The ink is more red in color than Diamine’s Ancient Copper Ink, which has more brown and orange hues. Oscar’s Copper Ink is part of Organics Studio’s Vintage Series of inks, which are designed to be

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Montegrappa Pen Company

Welcome Back The Montegrappa Cigar Pen!

20 years after Montegrappa released the first Cigar edition, they have again welcomed another new limited edition. Cigars have been the symbol of status and style for many years, and have made their way into the highest social circles and clubs. From the swankiest ballroom, to the most sophisticated club, cigars have been a free

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Diamine Ink Company

New Diamine 150th Anniversary Inks Coming…

In the year 2014, the Diamine Ink Company celebrated their 150th Anniversary by releasing a new collection of inks, the Diamine 150th Anniversary Inks. Originally there were eight high-selling inks that were introduced with this collection. You might recognize a few, or all, of these: Silver Fox, Blue Velvet, Regency Blue, Safari, Carnival, 1864 Blue Black,

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Visconti Pen Company

Introducing the Visconti Homo Sapiens Elegance Pen

Visconti has a long history of excellence that has pleased pen lovers and collectors time and time again. They have a wide variety of options for you to choose from, and many a collector has found themselves ensnared by the simple beauty of their designs. One such pen that has snared the hearts of many

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