Sailor Jentle Ink is being discontinued

Sailor Jentle Ink Giveaway!

Looking for Sailor Jentle Ink and can’t find it?

If so Pen Chalet has a giveaway that you are going to love!

Just last month Sailor stopped production on most of the colors within the Sailor Jentle ink line and the ink is not available anywhere. Here at Pen Chalet, we are down to the our last few bottles and have decided to give the ink away to our loyal customers. We are giving away one bottle in each of the following colors:

  • Sailor Jentle Ink Sky High
  • Sailor Jentle Ink Peche
  • Sailor Jentle Ink Ultra Marine

Three lucky winners are each going to win one of the bottles of Sailor Jentle ink.

Entering is easy just sign up below by entering your email address.  For even more chances to win complete the additional steps such as like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or share the giveaway through social media. The contest will end Monday July 21st at 9 PM Pacific time so good luck.

We just got our first shipment in of the new Sailor Jentle ink colors. Go check them out.

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110 thoughts on “Sailor Jentle Ink Giveaway!

    1. Mike Smukula

      I would luv to win a bottle of Sailor ink and then use it in my Aurora Afika LE, what a perfect combination! A High quality pen and a High quality Ink!

  1. DELively

    What pen would you buy if you win? I’m leaning toward finally splurging on a Sailor Pro Gear (with Rhodium nib), but I’ll probably just get a Pilot Heritage 92.

  2. Marie

    Because I can just stare at the ink on paper, looking at the colour and shading and it makes me happy.

  3. Dylan

    I love Sailor ink!! The colors are amazing, the ink is well behaved, and the sheen on some of those colors is fantastic.

  4. Sharon A.

    I have Sailor Red-Brown, which is discontinued, but would like to try some other Sailor inks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Aida

    I’ve never tried Sailor Jentle inks, so I can’t say what I love about them, but I would love to try them

  6. Kat

    Oh, wow, what a treat! I was hoping you’d give away an Epinard but I’d love to try these other inks too (Sky High is one I have tried before though!).

    Thanks again for another amazing contest!

  7. Mark

    Sailor Jentle inks are great! I’m a HUGE fan of the blue-black, so I’d love to try any of these. Sad to see them go. . .

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Andreas Berg

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sailor inks but haven’t bought any since they’re rather pricey. Here’s hoping i win one of the blue ones.

  9. Pamela Keown

    I love the colors! I have heard they are well behaved inks and can’t wait to try them for myself.

  10. Joe C.

    I love the colors of the sailor jentle ink line, plus I like how well-behaved they are. I’ve never had any problem with bleed through or feathering on standard office paper.

  11. Brent Acuff

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these. The inks look great and I can always use more Sailor inks.

  12. Denise

    I love these inks. I have tried Sky High as a sample, and I would love to have a full bottle. It will look great in my Lamy Neon Coral with the 1.1 stub nib.

  13. Patrick T

    Each color that I’ve used is great. But, I really like how friendly they are. They seem to work on just about any paper and in any pen.

  14. Katie

    I really wished I had purchased more of this ink before it was discontinued. Would love some more—it’s super smooth flowing, colorful stuff.

  15. Karen

    Sailor’s colors are gorgeous and the inks are so well behaved in my pens: how can you not like them?

  16. Lireoec

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome inks! My favourite Sailor ink would have to be their Nano Super Black. To this day, I haven’t found a darker black.

  17. Gordon

    I’m another ‘newbie’ when it comes to Sailor Jentle inks – but I love everything I’m hearing about them!

  18. Dina Gutiérrez

    I love the colours, especially Grenade, and the sheens some of them have. I even like the smell.

  19. Jenna

    The dry time and shading are some of the best characteristics of these inks. The sheen in Sky High is also astounding. I can sit and stare at the color all day.

  20. LP

    I find Sailor colors amazing, most of my all time favourites were produced by this company (Apricot, Grenade, inks from Kobe series).

  21. ecclectitbits

    Sailor Jentle Inks were made
    To give us coloured fun in spades.
    And gentle pleasure Jentle was;
    So sad they’re going; but because
    I know that Sailor’s making more
    I know they’ll be worth waiting for.

  22. Rosario Di Rubbo

    I love Sailor Jentle ink because of the brilliancy of the colors on paper and the flow when you write.
    My pens love it too!

  23. Dirck

    I’ve only used a couple of the Jentle line, due to geographic limitations on its availability, and I regret deeply that these inks aren’t more readily to hand. They’re extremely well-behaved, both in going onto paper and getting out of pens, and have a very old-school inky smell.

  24. Michelle Suratos

    I love the shading and sheen if the Sailor Jentle inks. My favorites are Epinard and Grenade!

  25. Jenna

    Sailor was one my of first bottles of ink that I bought when I first started in this incredibly addicting hobby. It’s so good to see this giveaway, and it’s a shame that these lovely inks are discontinued.

  26. Adam

    The new colors look interesting, but the Japanese names make it very difficult to figure out exactly what the colors are, or what the differences are in the variations of what looks like the same color.


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