Sheen vs Shimmer Inks

Pen Chalet’s Sheen VS Shimmer Battle Royale

Due to the high demand and popularity of Sheening VS Shimmer inks, this week we’re going to delve deeper into what they are. We’re also going to be asking you to vote on who will be the victor of this Batlle Royale. Vote in a comment below, or with a comment on any of our social media accounts. The victor will be announced on Monday, May 14th. Also, continue reading for your chance to win one of the two bottles that we used for our Sheen VS Shimmer Battle Royale.


Top Sheening Inks - Organics Studio Nitrogen Fountain Pen Ink

Top Sheening Inks – Organics Studio Nitrogen Fountain Pen Ink

Sheen is when an ink goes down on the page one color, but dries to where part, or all, changes to another color. There are many factors as to when ink will sheen, and when it won’t. Inks tend to sheen the most in areas where it pools or builds up. For example, a flexible nib that leaves behind pools of ink will create more sheen than a Japanese Extra Fine. Another factor is the type of paper that you use. Tomoe River Paper is likely the best paper to use when you are trying to create sheen. However, most fountain pen papers are capable of producing sheen. Pictured above we have Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue, which is considered to be a “Super Sheener”. Check out our post Top Sheening Inks for other great sheening inks!


Top Shimmer Inks - J Herbin 1798 Fountain Pen Ink

Top Shimmer Inks – J Herbin 1798 Fountain Pen Ink

Shimmer, on the other hand, has it’s own unique look and qualities. Glitter particles added to the ink, help create the signature Shimmer look. Many people love writing letters and holiday cards with Shimmer inks to make their cards pop and stand out! Others simply want to push the boundaries of “work acceptable” inks. Whatever the reason, shimmer adds an extra flair to writing that makes it hard to ignore. Pictured above we have J Herbin 1798 Amethyste de l ‘Oural Fountain Pen Ink, which is a deep purple with silver Shimmer. Check out our Top Shimmer Inks for some other gorgeous shimmering inks!


On one hand, we have beautiful metallic sheen that adds an extra dimension to your writing. On the other hand, we have gorgeous shimmer that makes your writing POP off the page. It’s time now for you to decide which ink wins Pen Chalet’s Sheen VS Shimmer Battle Royale! Vote below in the comments, or on any of our social media platforms. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway as well for your chance to win one of the bottles we used to make this Battle Royale!

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Andrew Mulnix

I’m more of a sheen guy myself! Great giveaway!

DK Goodyk

Sheening inks are my favorite. It works well with Tomoe River Paper and I don’t have to worry about it in my pens.

Geoffrey Dunn

I definitely prefer sheen over shimmer! I only own one shimmering ink and I rarely use it. I’d love to win a bottle of Organic Studios “N”!!!


Fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed the Organics Studio ink I’ve used.


Organics Studio

P. E. Tinney

I love when I look at a nicely written text and all of a sudden I see all the little sparkles. I almost ordered J Herbin 1798 Amethyste de l’Oural fountian pen ink but I needed pigmented inks at this time.

vicki nishioka

Sheen, everyday, any way! I almost get bored with inks that don’t sheen. Shimmer, on the other hand, is just for fun to me.

Kelsey Stemm

Never tried a sheen, but I will now!

Sara Hagen

I prefer sheening inks to shimmering inks.

Meghan Hambleton

I love shimmer inks, but I recently tried OS Hemingway and I’m hooked!! Sheening inks FTW.

Ged Alany

Sheen over shimmer.

matthew fitzgerald

Both gorgeous inks!

matthew fitzgerald

But I think the Nitrogen is the winner.


Sheen. Just because it surprisingly comes out of the blue all to frequent and that makes it kind of mystical and exciting. 🙂


Sheening inks are cool but I adore shimmer! It just adds such a fun pop to the ink!

Brian C

Shade > Sheen > Shimmer


I haven’t tried a sheen ink yet, so I’d have to go with shimmer until I get some time with sheen.

Joshua Elman

Sheen is great when you have good paper to match the ink, but I’d have to say that I’m on team shimmer because they work on almost all types of paper.

Jacob Thebault-Spieker

I’m looking for a sheeny ink that isn’t as smudgey as Walden Pond.


Team Sheen all the way!

Scott DiGello

This would look great on my inky fingers journal.

Joshua Ghiringhelli

I prefer sheen in most cases. A few shimmer inks are notoriously difficult to clean out of feeds, so I only use them sparingly.


Sheen is like magic though.

Alexander Kramer

Team Sheen! (and also Martin > Charlie)

Sharon A.

I like sheen.

Rachel McNulty

I love sheens and shimmers! Diamine pink glitz is my current fave shimmer and I am really enjoying KWZ Hawaii Blue for sheen

Diana Ryman

I love the sheen inks! And Nitrogen is one I’ve been lusting after!

Susan Irving

My favorite ink is Diamine Lilac Satin.

Jennifer Williams

Shimmer! Super pretty!


Both! Shimmer and Sheen!


Shimmer all the way. I love sheen, but it’s the glitter that really makes things pop!

Alex T

My favorite is sheen! It’s always a nice surprise to see how it dries

Amy R

While I like both, I have to side with shimmer. Sheen is just too smudgy!


I’m voting for sheen.

I have a bottle of Nitrogen and love it, but I use shimmer more often. Go,figure.

Ana G Csiky

I can’t choose! I’m one of those that pushes the boundaries of work acceptable by using Emeraude de Chivor at the office. 🙂


I haven’t tried a shimmer ink but I love the look.

John Stein

I love Organic Studios Nitrogen!


I like the sheen


Never used either but I’d say sheen over shimmer.



Roy c

I like both but shimmer wins


I really like the Shimmer here, but would normally have gone for Sheen

Genady Osnis

I vote for sheen


I prefer sheen.


I think I prefer inks with sheen. The added particles in shimmering inks means using them takes a little more care. Thanks for the offer!


Very nice!


I vote for sheening inks, but only because I’ve heard shimmer inks can clog your pen’s feed. I’m a little paranoid about my pens. Lol


Sheen all the way, I don’t really care for shimmer due to the extra required maintenance so I rarely use them – but this is a great choice for those rare times!

Michael Elson

Team Shimmer


I’m all about the sheen!


I honestly love them both but use them in different occasions. The shimmer one on more festive occasions and the sheen one on more traditional ones.