pen addict's 10 favorite pens and inks_pen and ink pairings

Pen and Ink Pairings: A Few of the Pen Addict’s Favorite Things

Are you a fan of the Pen Addict podcast? In honor of the popular pen and ink podcast’s 10th Anniversary, we’re sharing a few of the Pen Addict’s favorite things with you. Or to be more specific, we’re sharing 10 of the Pen Addict’s favorite pens and inks. (And we’ll even turn them into some recommended pen and ink pairings just for fun).

The Pen Addict’s 10 Favorite Pens and Inks:

  1. Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass fountain pen
  2. Esterbrook Lilac Shimmer ink
  3. Benu’s Euphoria Bora Bora fountain pen
  4. Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink
  5. Lamy Studio fountain pen
  6. Lamy Crystal Amazonite ink
  7. TWSBI ECO Jade fountain pen
  8. TWSBI Grape ink
  9. Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Brooks Resin fountain pen
  10. Leonardo ink
pen and ink pairings, benu euphoria fountain pen in bora bora and Pilot Iroshizuki kon peki ink
Benu Bora Bora Euphoria fountain pen and Pilot Iroshizuki Kon Peki ink.

Pen and Ink Pairings: Favorites Go Best Together, Right?

We even took a few of the Pen Addict’s favorite things and created pen and ink pairings out of them. We suggest trying:

  • Esterbrook’s Estie fountain pen in Sea Glass paired with Esterbrook Lilac Shimmer ink
  • Benu’s Euphoria Bora Bora fountain pen paired with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink
  • Lamy Studio fountain pen paired with Lamy Crystal Amazonite ink
  • TWSBI ECO Jade fountain pen paired with TWSBI Grape ink
  • Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Brooks Resin fountain pen paired with Leonardo Black ink
pen and ink pairings, lamy studio black forest fountain pen and lamy crystal amazonite fountain pen ink
Lamy Studio fountain pen (shown here in Black Forest) and Lamy Crystal Amazonite ink.

Who is the Pen Addict & How Does He Come by His Superb Pen and Ink Taste?

So, if you are not already a fan, you may be wondering…who IS the Pen Addict? Where does his impeccable pen and ink taste come from and how can you learn more? Well, The Pen Addict is actually one of the most popular podcasts loved by pen enthusiasts everywhere. If you enjoy pens, inks, writing, etc. you will likely enjoy the podcast, and you should probably take a minute to go check it out right now since not only just had their 10th Anniversary, but they also released their 500th episode! Or browse past Pen Addict episodes to see about this podcast about pens.

pen and ink pairings, leonardo officina italiana momento zero exclusive brooks resin fountain pen and leonardo black ink
Leonardo Officina Italiana Exclusive Brooks MZ fountain pen and Leonardo Black ink.

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary:

If you have a chance make sure to drop by your favorite social media platform and tag the Pen Addict in a CONGRATULATIONS shout out. 500 episodes of a podcast all about pens is impressive indeed. No one can argue against this; it’s a fact. And if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of your favorite pen podcaster, spend the weekend with one of his favorite pens or inks! You are also allowed to remember them anytime you’re feeling sad. And then you won’t feel so bad. That’s how favorite things work. So if you have a rough day, and your favorite things aren’t working. You can borrow a few from the Pen Addict and see if that helps.

pen and ink pairings, twsbi eco jade fountain pen and twsbi grape ink
Twsbi ECO Jade fountain pen and Twsbi Grape ink.

Your Favorite Fountain Pens, Inks, Papers & More:

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