The Pelikan Nib Exchange Program

Pelikan 200 Cartridge Fountain Pen and the Pelikan Nib Exchange

Pelikan 200 Cartridge Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Nib Exchange program is just one more thing that sets Pelikan apart from other pen manufacturers. Pelikan Pen Company, one of the oldest and most respected pen companies in the world today, has been a well respected fine writing instrument institution for over 170 years. Pen Chalet is an authorized licensed dealer of Pelikan products, working closing with Pelikan’s US distributor, Chartpak, and its fine employees, in offering our loyal customers all of Pelikan’s beloved pen products, new Pelikan products as they are released and from time to time Pelikan special purchases and closeouts.

Pelikan and Chartpak have been wonderful companies to work with and have introduced a unique and amazing Pelikan Nib Exchange Program! When you purchase any Pelikan fountain pen from Pen Chalet, as an authorized dealer, our customers can exchange any Pelikan nib on a new pen purchase. This is amazing! So if you purchased a new Pelikan Souveran 605 black/blue medium nib fountain pen from Pen Chalet, but find that the nib is too small or too large for your particular tastes, you are welcome to exchange it for a new Pelikan nib in one of the other available sizes.

Pelikan 200 Green Fountain Pen and the Pelikan Nib Exchange

Pelikan 200 Green Fountain Pen

The Pelikan nib exchange program takes the “guess work” out of picking the perfect nib size to go with your desired Pelikan fountain pen, yet still allowing you to purchase your favorite Pelikan pen, at substantial reduced savings at Pen Chalet. Pelikan has a few requirements, which are listed below, in order to qualify for their nib exchange program. Additionally our loyal customers are always welcomed and encouraged to either e-mail or call into Pen Chalet and chat/talk with our amazing customer service department, who can help walk you through the nib exchange process.

Pelikan Nib Exchange Procedure

  • Available on any new Pelikan pen purchased at Pen Chalet within 4 weeks of purchase.
  • Must have your original Pen Chalet receipt. (Pen Chalet can provide you a duplicate copy of your receipt if it has been lost).
  • There is NO Charge for the Pelikan Nib Exchange program or return shipping. However, you will have to pay for shipping to Chartpak
  • It is recommended that you place your Pelikan pen in a small well packaged box.
  • Mail by a traceable method (with tracking) with insurance (recommended) via Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.
  • Turnaround time is approximately 1-2 weeks from receipt by Chartpak on standard nib sizes. Specialty nibs can take longer.
  • If your receipt date is outside of 4 weeks or if the nib arrives damaged, you will be charged for the new nib (by Chartpak, Inc.). There are no exceptions to the 4 week from purchase rule
  • Print off and Mail the SERVICE FORM, which is available at Pen Chalet and return this form with your Pelikan pen to:
    Chartpak, Inc
    Attn: Pelikan – Exchange
    One River Road
    Leeds, MA 01053

If you do not own a Pelikan pen, or if you only own one or two Pelikan pens, it’s time to shop for another amazing pen, by this world renowned and historic pen company today at Pen Chalet.

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9 years ago

You refer to a SERVICE FORM that is available on your site, but I cannot find this form. A link to the form would be appreciated.