Passing the Bar Exam: Gifts for Attorneys Both New and Seasoned

Looking for gifts for attorneys? This is an exciting yet stressful time of year for many recent law school graduates.  Most law graduates have probably just recently finished taking the bar exam and are now anxiously awaiting their results.  The results of this grueling test will determine whether or not they have performed to a satisfactory level that will allow them to pursue their long sought after career of becoming a licensed attorney.

Having gone through this process personally over 14 years ago and reflecting on my own personal experience of waiting more than two months to obtain my bar exam results was not easy on my family, friends or co-workers as my nervousness was very apparent.  My happiness and relief at passing the state bar exam was one of the happiest days of my life, as it meant I could start my career that would enable me to provide for my family.

What type of gift could or should a family member, friend or loved one give to a new law school graduate upon passing his or her bar exam?  The most meaningful gifts that I received were items that I would use immediately in my new profession as an attorney.  It wouldn’t matter whether I was a county prosecutor, public defender, working in the corporate world, a sole practitioner or with a law firm, a high quality gift that will last many years if not their entire career, which represents and reminds the new attorney of his or her long hours studying to get to this point in their life.  A few of the gifts I received back in the 90’s at graduation were a high quality briefcase, a fine writing instrument and a desk ornament.  These items are still in my possession today and are very meaningful to me for what they represent.

Great Ideas for Gifts for Attorneys

A few suggested gifts for attorneys that can be found at are:

  1. Delta Lex Lawyer Collection Pens:  Italian pen company, Delta, has produced a fine writing instrument just for lawyers, the Delta Lex, which means law in Latin.  The Delta Lex comes in an Ivory Limited Edition or a Black Numbered Special Edition, both in either a Fountain Pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint version.  The Delta Lex is a full sized robust pen, which has the “scales of justice” symbol prominently displayed on its clip.  The Fountain pen comes with  Delta’s newly introduced “fusion” nib in 18K gold and steel.   Whether you purchase a Delta Lex pen for your new law school graduate or any other pen manufacturer found at Pen Chalet, this gift can be used throughout the new attorney’s entire career.
    Delta Lex Numbered Edition Fountain Pen
  2. gifts for attorneys- Delta Markiaro leather briefcase Markiaro Briefcase and Leather Products:  Markiaro, by Delta produces high end Italian leather goods including pen cases, wallets, women’s purses, computer briefcases, large or medium briefcases, desk pads, and business card folders, etc.  Each Markiaro product is made of the highest quality leather and Italian craftsmanship.  A high quality Markiaro briefcase could literally be used during the new attorney entire career, which could last between 25-35 years.  Whether you purchase a business card folder or full sized briefcase (or anything in between, you will know that you have given a high quality gift that the recipient is proud to own and use.
  3. gifts for attorneys - Delta Markiaro Desktop Pen Holders and AccessoriesPen Holders and Desk Sets:  Giving your new attorney a Pen Chalet desk set or pen holder (to display the attorney’s new Delta Lex Pen) is a great way to personalize his or her new desk, providing the new attorney a constant reminder of the support loved ones provided over the years of preparation and study to get to this point in life.