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Noodlers Ink is Going Plastic – New Noodlers Plastic Bottles

The rumor is true about the new Noodlers plastic bottles. The Noodlers Ink Company and its awesome array of numerous ink colors and unique names, such as Zhivago, Black Swan; Aircorp Blue Black; Midway Blue, Dragon’s Napalm, Dark Matter and Widow Maker, is going plastic.

Nathan Tardiff, Noodlers President has announced that effective immediately, Noodlers will be packaging it’s amazing ink in new white plastic bottles. Mr. Tardiff reports that his decision to make the change from the glass square bottles that we all love to plastic is necessitated due to economic reasons, which will allow Noodlers to no increase price or decrease quantity. Tardiff complains that a company who charges more and gives less is an major problem in today’s commerce society and he will not take part in such acts. Therefore in order to combat the current economic realities of being unable to find a glass production company that is willing and able to meet Noodler’s demands at a reasonable price has required Mr. Tardiff to find alternative solutions to this problem, which will not cost his loyal customers more money, nor reduce the product that the consumers will purchase.

Plastic bottles, at least temporarily, is the answer. Noodlers has begun production of all its inks which will now be packaged in a plastic bottle, which will in actuality carry more ink that the typical glass Noodlers bottle, all at the same reasonable price we have all come to expect with Noodlers. The quality of the product will not change at all, the quantity will go up and the price will remain the same.

The “plastic solution” for Noodlers is a winning solution (even though it may only be temporary) for everyone. Pen Chalet will begin carrying the new Noodlers plastic bottles with each new shipment of inks that we receive. For those that love the “vintage” and possibly “collectors” glass Noodlers bottle, our entire remaining stock of Noodlers ink in glass bottles is currently for sale at Pen Chalet.

Video by Nathan Tardiff, Noodlers President


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Sal Sicari
8 years ago

For those interested, Nathan is answering questions and discussing the change over on the Fountain Pen Network. Take a look at thread:

Chris Purcell
8 years ago

now they need to redesign those labels!